Between industry and craftsmanship: Formae presents Roommate

Formae, a new brand of furnishing accessories, introduces Roommate, a collection of objects characterized by simple and essential shapes, and pure geometries.

Formae: more than just metal

The story comes from 40 years of experience in metalworking of Gennaro Tramonti. From here his sons, Laura and Simone Tramonti, started to create a series of objects simple but carefully crafted, with extreme attention to detail, in a successful combination of craftsmanship and industry.

The Roommate concept

Roommate 2019 is inspired by the best made in Italy: objects that are light but not anonymous, for everyday use and with a very discrete presence. Under the art direction of Leonardo Fortino, Roommate involved the young designers Alessandro D’Angeli, De Bona De Meo, Meike Langer, Chiara Ricci, Sovrappensiero Design Studio, Studio Zero and Max Voytenko in the second collection, alongside established names.

Formae and the Roommate collections

The Roommate collections include different pieces, entirely made from metal, laser cut, welded, manually bent and painted. Shelves and other objects, with a modern industrial effect, can be easily integrated into contemporary furniture. The shelves from the Isole series, for example, designed by Studio Zero, draw solids and voids in the geometry of the walls.

Other objects from the collections include bookends, a valet, a clock, different candle holders, clothes hangers, main characters of the setting and silent roommates. A palette of pastel colours creates a balance between the Mediterranean sun and Nordic light, with pop notes in essential furnishings. (Giuliana Maio)


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