Wireless Home Security System by Sicuritalia

A wireless alarm is a practical, effective and reliable solution for your home


Among the key aspects worth considering when purchasing a wireless home security system are doubtlessly the expertise and experience of its manufacturer. Choosing a reliable company guarantees support and product quality, as demonstrated by the case of Sicuritalia.

Its offering of home security systems allows you to meet any need and protect your home with the minimum amount of effort. For example, not only does the wireless home alarm by Sicuritalia allow you to comfortably watch the videos taken by the cameras connected to the motion sensors installed at home via App, but it also entrusts the management and monitoring of any signal, including false alarms, to the Operations Centre, which is available 24/7.

Sicuritalia alarm control unit with radio encryption, communicating with the Operations Centre

Wired or wireless? A home alarm for any need

When choosing a home burglar alarm, you should understand which kind of system suits your needs best. You can choose between wired or wireless anti-theft systems, although Wi-Fi alarms represent the most valid solution currently on the market.

While, on the one hand, wired home alarms require masonry works to be installed, Wi-Fi alarms, on the other hand, are considered aesthetically more practical and much more functional and durable. Wireless home alarms can take advantage of encrypted radio frequencies and, as a consequence, are more difficult than wired alarm systems to tamper with.


A wireless home security system for a total protection

Wireless alarm systems offer several advantages. Being cable-free, they do not require structural work on the building during installation, as no masonry work is needed. Therefore, not only does the use of radio signals instead of electrical cables ensure faster installation, but it also makes wireless home alarms expandable and their parts are easy to move to different corners of the house or even to another house.

Another added value of wireless burglar alarms is represented by battery life, which is usually longer than two years.

Sicuritalia alarm control unit with radio encryption, communicating with the Operations Centre

Sicuritalia wireless home security system

Protecting your home means choosing devices that can effectively help you prevent burglars and criminals from accessing to it. Anyone who wants to protect themselves against criminals has two possibilities: installing either grilles, security doors and other so-called ‘passive’ security systems or an anti-theft or video surveillance system inside and outside the house, such as the one offered by Sicuritalia.


Both solutions are considered as significant deterrents to home intrusions and it is no coincidence that they often coexist. The presence of the former does not represent an obstacle to the installation of security alarms, as well as the latter are not an obstacle to the defense of the house, but a support. However, compared to ‘physical’ intrusion deterrents, anti-theft systems – also thanks to their technology – are considered as much more effective in terms of speed of response and action. Investing in a wireless alarm system by Sicuritalia is therefore a wise choice if you think that your home has a medium-high burglary risk or it has already happened. In this way you will be sure you are in the hands of a team of security professionals, who, during the inspection, will assess which areas of the home are most at risk and will intervene 24/7 verifying alerts through the images provided by motion sensors and alerting the police if needed.

107dB wireless alarm by Sicuritalia

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