A Public Sauna Overlooking the Baltic Sea

Löyly is the first public Finnish sauna in Hernesaari, a new maritime district in Helsinki  to be completed by 2030

The project by Avanto Architects and Studio Joanna Laajisto is characterized by a sculptural volume running along the rocky coast of the Baltic Sea, and becomes an integral part of it, establishing a dialogue between architecture, man and the sea.

Sustainable materials and a special attention to environmental impact characterize this building.


The architects decided to clad the building with pine wood, a natural material that over time acquires a gray patina. Thanks to the aging patina, the architectural volume acquires a rocky outlook, recalling the granite of the Finnish coast.


The whole building is clad with laminated wood slats with triangular section. Slats filter light and offer privacy to sauna users, while allowing them to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.


Löyly, in Helsinki, hosts three saunas, including a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, also public, surrounded by a concrete envelope to ensure fire safety.

Text: Arianna Callocchia Photography: kuvio.com Marc Goodwin, Archmospheres, Mikko Ryhänen/Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

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