Architecture and Art Meet in Naples

Until January 2020, Nabi Interior Design in Naples will host a temporary art exhibition, in a captivating and stimulating city

A sculpture by Emanuele Scuotto, who founded the atelier La Scarabattola with his brothers Salvatore and Raffaele

A temporary art exhibition curated by Biancamaria Santangelo, interior designer and Nabi’s art director. Nabi Interior Design represents the stage for four Campania-born artists who interpret Naples to express the city’s cultural and social openness. Starting from the atelier of the Scuotto brothers: Emanuele uses terracotta to illustrate the Neapolitan tradition and the fear of the future; MoraleS, aka Salvatore Scuotto, makes contemporariness burst through characters with cartoon-like features.

A work by Salvatore Scuotto aka MoraleS recalling a cartoon

The third actor of this show, running until January 6th, 2020 at Nabi, Via Chiatamone (Naples) is Pasquale Manzo, the sculptor who reinterprets historic figures such as Pulcinella or St. Januarius stretching them, suspended between past and present, life and death.

Pasquale Manzo and his interpretation of Pulcinella

Thanks to the last artist, Marcello Silvestre, it is possible to witness the strong relationship between Naples and its sons, represented through a 3D printing software. [Text Spencer Foil]

La simbiosi, 3D sculpture by Marcello Silvestre

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