25hours The Circle Hotel, Cologne

The Circle Hotel, belonging to the 25hours hotel chain, presents a new hospitality concept 


In the Fifties, in Cologne, part of the former Federal Republic of Germany, Hans Gerling founded the name-sake insurance company; later his business was so successful that he built a representative headquarter in his city. The building, which looks like a space station, consists of a high entrance with a glazed façade, around which two monolithic wings open in a semicircle. Today this postmodern concrete and stone edifice has become the 25hours Hotel The Circle.

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The interiors were designed by Studio Aisslinger, which, to make the spaces special and “characteristic”, avoided standardized aesthetics of commercial hotels as much as possible. That’s why the interiors combine custom-made furniture with pieces from flea markets and industrial items. The architects approached this project as if they were DJs at their consoles, mixing styles and colors.

Uniqueness is the main feature of 25hours The Circle: now that we can do anything from home, hospitality spaces must be more comfortable than home. The attention to detail makes this hotel user-friendly, offering a positive experience even in a facility with over 700 rooms.

Guestrooms look like small, colorful nests. Brutalist rough concrete, which can be seen in the supporting beams of the ceilings and some parts of the walls, is softened by laminated wood wings that divide the sleeping area from the services and the office corner. The accessories, coming in pastel shades, make the atmosphere more delicate. Among the chosen companies are also the Italian Cappellini and Foscarini. [Text Francesca Tagliabue-Photo Steve Herud, Patricia Parinejad]

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