CIFF Guangzhou 2020: the new dates

Announcement: CIFF Guangzhou 2020 will take place from July 27 to 30, in a single phase

Exhibition dedicated to Italian design at CIFF Guangzhou 2019

On July 27th, 2020, a new phase for Chinese design furniture will officially begin. CIFF Guangzhou, now in its 45th edition, is currently China’s most important  trade fair dedicated to furniture and interior designs. The 2020 ediition, in one single phase, will cover all the products sectors: home and garden furniture, textiles and complements, office and contract furniture.

CIFF Guangzhou 2019

Design in China, a new perspective

From the first phase of the 2020 edition a new project aimed at promoting high-quality made in China and design in China will be officially launched. Organized into three biennial phases – 2021, 2023 and 2025 – this process aims to introduce the world to the best Chinese products. In this way, CIFF fully embraces the “Made in China 2025” program, the strategic design to elevate Chinese production above the “copy factory”.

CIFF Guangzhou 2019

For this reason CIFF Guangzhou 2020 has appointed an excellent curatorial team, including internationally renowned designers. Wen Hao, Hou Zhengguang, Song Tao and Frank Chou are the designers on the curatorial team, entrusted with the task of selecting Chinese companies that invest in design and creativity.

Discover also Alvaro Siza’s design at CIFF Shanghai 2019

Frank Chou Design

New art direction for design at CIFF Guangzhou 2020

The four designers are also design entrepreneurs, running their own business. Wen Hao founded a company that bears his name, Haostyle; Hou Zhengguang is the mind behind Moreless, a contemporary Chinese design company that reinterprets Chinese tradition. Song Tao is an artist with a passion for design-art, which he hosts in his O-Gallery, and Frank Chou, an award-winning young designer, has created his own collection. The designers/curators and their companies are the best expression of “design made in China” at CIFF Guangzhou 2020.

Moreless Design

A 50,000 sq m area will be dedicated to original design. In addition to this, Pavilion 3.2 will house the first “China Furniture Design Invitational Exhibition“, an event hosting the trade show, also with cultural purposes, and supporting it with a special communication activity, addressed to Chinese and international media. Moreover, it will host an exhibition about the last 10 years of Chinese design and a special space dedicated to forums and seminars.

Haostyle Design

Last but not least, the overall improvement in the exhibition design, with the areas New Arrivals of Home Furnishing Brands, Parallel Space Exhibition, Design Dream Show, Office Theme Pavilion, China Interiors & Decorations Conference and Global Garden Lifestyle Festival, and the hospitality of the city of Guangzhou make CIFF an unmissable event for world operators in the furniture sector.

Song Tao, O Gallery

Discover also Alvaro Siza’s design at CIFF Shanghai 2019

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