The evolutionary history of mobile homes for tourism in the open air

A book dedicated to the trend of glamping (glamour camping), exploring the history of mobile homes over time

Cover and back cover of the book “Mobile home per il turismo all’aria aperta. Storia evolutiva” published by Il vicolo del Pavone (Alessandria)

“Mobile home for outdoor tourism. The history of evolution”, published by Il Vicolo del Pavone (Alessandria) is the first volume investigating the different kinds of open-air tourism and nomadic living. The book required a year for the analysis and the cataloging of stories and images. The research focuses on the definition of the mobile home, also deepened from a technical and constructive point of view, to move on to a historical excursus, which explains the stages that led to the concept of glamorous outdoor tourism, as we know it today.

Façade of Mediterranea by Crippaconcept

There are three sections in the book; the first didactic and technical section explains the concept of the mobile home, a second historical-architectural part, illustrates the various types of mobile homes over time and in different areas of the world. Finally, a third part focuses on eco-sustainability, directly linked to this new way of living tourism and leisure, but also of living, with fewer restrictions.

Country Suite by Crippaconcept

For the realization of this volume a fundamental role was played by the research carried by out by Carlo Berizzi and Luca Trabattoni of the AML (Architectural Maker Lab of Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile of Università di Pavia), in collaboration with Crippa concept, leader in the design of mobile homes and lodge tents for tourism in the open air. [Text Spencer Foil]

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More images of mobile homes and lodge tents by Crippa Concept

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