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Promoted by A’ Design Award & Competition, World Design Rankings offer an online ranking of the countries that have won more Design Awards over the years


A’ Design Award & Competition is among the world’s most important and popular design competitions, with an international jury of over 200 professional experts who evaluate the projects and award the most creative and innovative. Every year World Design Rankings provide a world ranking of the countries that have won the highest number of A’ Design Awards.

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World Design Rankings, Designer Rankings, Design Classification, Popular Designers, Design Insights are the rankings drawn up by A’ Design Award&Competition

World Design Rankings, Designer Rankings, Design Classification, Popular Designer and Design Insights are rankings promoted by A’ Design Award & Competition to provide economists, journalists and experts with an overall and in-depth picture of the countries, designers and architecture firms that have won more A’ Design Awards. Thanks to these rankings, it is possible to discover the world’s top designers and practices, the most popular and influential design categories, the strengths and weaknesses of a particular country.

World Design Rankings: 2019/2020 updates

The World Design Rankings show the countries that have won more A’ Design Awards over the years, as well as national talents, the most and the least successful design areas of a country.

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A’ Design Award & Competition 2019/2020 sees China on top, with 67 Platinum Design Awards. The nine countries immediately following China, among the 106 contestants, are the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany and Australia. Moreover, six new countries have taken part in the competition: Macedonia, Maldives, Lao, Swaziland, Kenya and Armenia.

Below are some of the winners, who, with their awards, contributed to positioning their country in the top ten

China, Kris Lin


Kris Lin has won 58 Design Awards. Among his winning projects is Light Waterfall sales center in Wuhan, China, which won a Platinum Design Award in 2018.

United States, PepsiCo Design and Innovation


A global food and beverage leader that produces popular brands including Gatorade, Tropicana and Pepsi-Cola, thanks to its innovative and increasingly green ideas, PepsiCo has earned 67 awards, one of which in 2018 for Pepsi Black x Star Wars LTO China Brand Packaging. Essential, black and iconic, Pepsi Black Limited Edition celebrates the collaboration between Pepsi and the film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

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Japan, Katsumi Tamura


Katsumi Tamura, born in Tokyo and specialized in graphic design, has earned 45 A’ Design Awards over the years, one of which in 2018 for Calendar 2018 Puzzle.

Italy, Emanuele Pangrazi


Emanuele Pangrazi comes from Terni and is specialized in industrial design. Among his projects, the So Fifties Bathroom Collection received a Silver Design Award in 2016. This collection of washbasins and sanitaryware is inspired by the Streamline style from the early 20th century, characterized by aerodynamic lines.

Great Britain, Springetts Brand Design

Springetts Brand Design has collected 17 awards. In 2018 it won a Golden Design Award in the Design Packaging category for William’s Conserve Jam, the jam jar that the London-based studio created for the famous British preserves manufacturer Hartley’s.

Hong Kong, One Plus Partnership Limited

This Hong Kong-based interior design studio has won 30 awards. In 2018 it won a Platinum Design Award for Shenzhen Raffles City Sales Office, a sales office in Shenzhen that, relying on different shades of green, artificial trees and natural stone, recalls the natural topography of a forest.

Turkey, Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu is an industrial designer and the founder of the DESIGNNOBIS Design/Innovation design studio. He has earned 77 awards over the years, including a Platinum Design Award in 2014, in the Home Appliances category, for Steam Tea Maker, a tea pot.

Taiwan, Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan

Design duo Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan has received 16 awards. Among their winning projects, in 2017, the Morph side table, made of recyclable cardboard and E-ink Prism sheet, won a Golden Design Award. E-ink Prism, used to treat the surface of the top, is a high performing, next generation, electrical ink laminated film sheet, made with digital modeling and CNC machines.

Germany, Robert Nippoldt

Designer Robert Nippoldt has won two Platinum Design Awards, the latest of which at the A’ Design Award & Competition 2018/2019. The awarded project is “Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties”, a book about the golden age of Berlin.

Australia, Simon Colabufalo

Simon Colabufalo is an industrial designer from Melbourne, recipient of 5 awards. In 2014 he obtained a Platinum Design Award with his Eva Fruit Tree. [Text Carlotta Russo]

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