Designer Shirts: Men’s Trends 2020

The shirt is a timeless classic in a man’s wardrobe. Here are the trends for 2020

The shirt is a wardrobe essential for any man. Whether he is a sporty or a more traditional guy, every man must have at least one shirt in his wardrobe. Over the years, this iconic garment has undergone several changes, but it has never disappeared. No matter how patterns, fabrics and cut may change, the shirt remains the center of trends for all seasons. The shirt is perhaps the most obvious example of the fact that some classic items are an evergreen in the fashion universe. With influences from streetwear or alternative styles, shirts have taken on different looks, changing and becoming increasingly integrated with modern culture.

The latest collections launched by the most authoritative design brands dictate the rules for this year’s men’s wardrobe. For example, Dolce & Gabbana proposes a plain color model, embellished with laces and self-celebratory prints, while DSquared2 focuses on darker colors, Glen plaid patterns, prints and inserts in different materials.
Flashy embroideries, drawings and prints are the new elements presented by the fashion house for the new collections.
Many short sleeve models, with unusual prints, sometimes even overlapped, mainly among Valentino’s and Versace’s proposals. The recent menswear fashion shows have surprised the audience with the patterns and the many colors used for men’s designer shirts.

Men’s shirts: the colors for 2020

While patterns are the new features marking fashion shows every year, plain colors and micro patterns are great classics that are back in vogue. The most popular colors for 2020 will be:

  • Dark Red: a dark shade of red with an exotic flavor;
  • Eggplant: a purple with a touch of red or brown for an elegant yet original look;
  • Bordeaux: for a man who does not want to pass unnoticed;
  • Gray: in a very delicate, non aggressive version;
  • Dusty pink: a shade of pink that goes particularly well with black;
  • Blue: in all its shades;
  • Brown: particularly in the lightest shades.

How to choose a shirt

Fashion houses dictate new trends but only the wearer will decide how to match colors and fabrics.
Choosing a shirt is something very personal that reflects the personality of its wearer. Extroverted people, who love being the center of attention will probably choose lively colors and original patterns; on the contrary, those who prefer to keep a low profile will chose shirts characterized by more traditional style and colors.
For some time now the checkered shirt has been back in vogue, no longer confined to leisure time, but a stylish accessory for a modern man. Finally freed from the usual association with the mountains, the checkered shirt offers many possibilities to create successful casual outfits. For example, for a perfect look, wear it unbuttoned over a light-colored t-shirt and match it with cargo pants or jeans.
If you prefer a more classic style, wear it under a coarse-yarn cardigan. Despite its natural informal style, you can also match it with classic trousers because fashion means also making apparently opposite styles coexist.
Moreover, plain color or micro-patterned shirts will be essential in the wardrobe, to be worn under elegant jackets, perfect for business occasions or formal dinners. They will give your outfit a touch of timeless elegance and will allow you to feel perfectly comfortable.
A versatile garment proposed by the new collections is the shirt jacket, presented in the camouflage pattern, which gives you a well-groomed and stylish look.

Men’s shirts: the best fabrics

Working or leisure days may be very long and wearing comfortable clothes is the best way to face them. High-quality fabrics and yarns make clothes highly wearable and extremely comfortable, suitable to different everyday situations.
Therefore, the fabric plays a very important role also for shirts and defines their style. Depending on how threads are woven, the characteristics of the fabric change and allow the shirt to be suitable for different situations.
Let’s see what are the most popular fabrics for designer and tailor-made shirts:

  • Poplin: its name comes from “papalina” due to the fact it was made in Avignon, France, the papal residence in the 14th century. It is a compact, thin and soft fabric, characterized by an imperceptible striped effect. It is ideal for formal occasions and ceremonies;
  • Zephyr: it owes its name to zephyr, a wind that blows from the west. It is a light and breathable plain-woven fabric. It is used for comfortable shirts, perfect for leisure time;
  • Oxford:
  • its typical dot or checkered effect is given by the weaving of colored and white threads. It was originally used for casual menswear due to its heavy appearance. It is perfect for versatile shirts for informal occasions;
  • Pin point: the evolution of Oxford, characterized by a grainy effect. It is very durable and resistant;
  • Twill: interlacing stitches are diagonal creating 45° parallel ribs. This compact fabric is easy to iron and resistant to wrinkles, making it perfect for traveling;
  • Piqué: with its typical relief effect, it makes a shirt soft and rich in details. It is perfect for everyday business style;
  • Fil-a-fil: a light fabric formed by the weaving of colored and white threads that give it a micro-striped or micro-checked appearance;
  • Dobby: a fabric enriched with geometric patterns giving the shirt a sophisticated look, perfect for ceremonies;
  • Jacquard: casual fabric for leisure time.

Fabrics are as many as the possibilities offered by shirts to fashion addicts. They cannot do without them for their ability to be now an essential element for a casual look, now the cornerstone of an elegant and refined suit.


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