DDN HUB: The big event for the Fuorisalone 2020

Circular economy, sustainability, technology: DDN HUB, the big Fuorisalone event will be back in Milan, from 16 to 21 June


The two previous events organized by DDN, Inhabits and DDN Phutura, have been a great success. Featuring 12,000 sq m exhibition, 42 companies, 50 talks with 160 speakers, the events scored a record number of 800,000 visitors. At the Fuorisalone 2020, DDN HUB  presents another original vision of architecture and design, involving designers and architects, institutions, opinion leaders and companies. All participants are invited to use their creativity to envision the city of the future – sustainable, dynamic and smart – through immersive paths and experiential installations.

Pursuing a balance between technology and sustainability, the protagonists will explore the different sides of circular economy. The fields of design, architecture, food, wellness and entertainment will offer various interpretations of this theme. Also this year, the installations will be located between Piazza Castello and Via Beltrami, in the city center, from 16 to 21 June, during the Milan Design Week.

During six days, DDN HUB will offer a palimpsest brimming with events, performances, talks and round tables, attended by internationally-renowned figures from the world of architecture and design who will deal with a wide range of topics.

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Women in design

Among the several themes, “women in design” will be particularly interesting. In line with the cultural programme of the City of Milan for 2020, Cristina Morozzi will explore the female approach to creative work, through the work of Italy’s most important female designers.

DDN HUB will also offer the chance to present “La storia del Fuorisalone. Eventi temporanei, che hanno generato effetti duraturi” (“The history of the Fuorisalone. Temporary events with long-lasting effects”), the first book about the history of the Milan Design Week, the unique lifestyle event that has been a worldwide reference for the design community for almost 40 years. Written by Roberta Mutti and published by DDW Design Diffusion World, the book retraces the history of the Fuorisalone, from its origins to the present day, thanks to interviews with personalities who, over the years, have played a fundamental role in the creation of this “phenomenon” – from Gisella Borioli to Giulio Cappellini, from Roberto Gavazzi to Francesco Morace, from Claudio Luti to Cristina Tajani.

The installations of DDN HUB

A symbolic gateway to the sustainable city of the future is “La Fenice”, the 600 sq m reflective greenhouse by Privitera. This space evokes the colors, lights and shapes of Mother Earth, and contains light installations. Green materials, unexpected solutions and unique floral arrangements reflect energy and creativity.

Next to it, CrippaConcept celebrates leisure time and holidays with its innovative concepts for glamping, the eco-friendly and innovative “glamorous camping.” Crippa Concept’s mobile homes and lodge tents, integrated into an urban context, will show how temporary living solutions for holidays and life in the open air can be set up, respecting nature and the environment. In addition to the reception, relaxation and wellness areas, the “Polvere di Pixel” entertainment area by Ghigos + Yelab completes this urban ecosystem with a new technological material that “analogically” transforms any movement into an 8-bit musical effect.

Hettich presents living solutions that emphasize the importance of details in bespoke design. Thanks to the company’s substantial investment in research, Hettich’s technological solutions raise quality and functionality standards.

The installation “Da padre in figlio” (“From father to son”) deserves special attention. It is a project by Giuseppe Terragni rebuilt by Repubblica del Design (Ghigos + Over the Rainbow + Alberto Zanchetta) thanks to Comune di Lissone and Confartigianato di Monza e Brianza. A fragment of the exhibition system designed by the famous architect in 1940 is back to stimulate the creativity of new generations.

Outdoor design according to DDN HUB

La terrazza meravigliosa” (“The wonderful terrace”), the new concept by architect Fabio Rotella, presents a human-centered vision of the world. Several hexagonal platforms, each illustrating different aspects of everyday life – sharing, working, relaxing –, form a 150 sq m terrace presenting a new idea of wellbeing.

Food and circular economy at DDN HUB

Circular economy and sustainability could not neglect the world of food. Siemens Elettrodomestici will be the soul of the “circular restaurant”, with products from the top-of-the-range StudioLine brand, and a Cosentino kitchen work table. In this area, Michelin-starred chef Filippo Saporito, President of JRE Italia, will coordinate experts and chefs for talks and cooking demonstrations whose theme will be “circular cooking”.

Finally, DDN HUB represents also one of the glamorous sides of the Milan Design Week. On Thursday, 23 April, the red carpet of the Fuorisalone will lead to an authentic “gran gala” in the breathtaking setting of the Sforza Castle. DDN HUB will offer an exclusive dinner to selected guests from the world of architecture and design, as well as entrepreneurs, curated by Enrico Derflingher, President of Euro-Toques Italia.

See you in Milan from 16 to 21 June at DDN HUB

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