Musselblomma by Ikea: fabrics from sea waste

Fabrics in recycled plastic obtained from sea waste: this is Musselblomma by Ikea, created by Spanish designer Inma Bermúdez


Ikea presents the Musselblomma collection, formed by 100% polyester fabrics. This polyester comes from plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea and recycled PET bottles. Designed by Inma Bermúdez, this collection is the result of the collaboration between the designer, Ikea and Seaqual, an organization that works with local communities and 1,500 fishermen.

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The project is based on upcycling plastic, metal, rubber, glass waste and other materials. 1,500 Spanish fishermen collect waste every day and bring it to collection centers located in strategic ports. The plants in Alicante and Valencia turn clean and treated waste into the yarns and fabrics of Ikea’s Musselblomma collection. For every kg of PET plastic waste used to make polyester fabric, 9 kg of waste are taken out from the ocean.


Musselblomma includes two pillow cases, a tablecloth and a shopping bag. The bag has different decorations on the two sides and is suitable for several uses.
The idea of transforming plastic debris into a raw material originated from the desire of triggering a virtuous cycle. In this way, sea waste is recycled as textile materials and Ikea contributes to making its production more sustainable.

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