Full electric 500 by Kartell inspired by Kabuki lamp

Two iconic made in Italy brands team up for a special, full electric 500


Everything was ready for the debut of the Geneva International Motor Show, but, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the coronavirus disease now globally widespread, the new electric Fiat 500 was unveiled in Milan in March 2020. For this special launch, three Italian brands presented their creative version: Bulgari, Giorgio Armani and Kartell.


The 500 is a symbol of the Italian economic miracle, the historical period associated with made in Italy. Kartell’s first product, as Claudio Luti explained, was a ski rack for the 500. Kartell and Fiat share a long history of research, innovation and quality, which led to this new version of the 500, electric, with interiors and finishes characterized by a recognizable graphic design.

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The design of the new electric 500 is inspired by the Kabuki lamp by Ferruccio Laviani: the details recall the lamp and become distinctive features of the car. Besides the engine, the electric 500 is green also in its body and interiors.

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Recycled interiors

The front grille, the rims and the mirror housing are made from recycled polycarbonate lamp reflectors worked with the perforated structure typical of Kabuki. Also inside the car, the pattern of Kabuki, the lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani, is present on several elements. For example, it can be found on the polycarbonate cover of the dashboard insert and, as a transparent application, on the seats.


The interiors are made of 100% recycled polypropylene, while fabrics are made of 100% recycled polyester. Another distinctive feature of the electric Fiat 500 Kartell is its blue color, derived from the Klein blue, one of Kartell’s hallmark colors. It is used for all the materials of the car: plastic, fabric, glass, metal, rubber.


Fiat 500 Kartell is part of a project developed by Fiat with Bulgari and Giorgio Armani, two excellences of made in Italy production, with the support of Altagamma, the Italian luxury brand committee. The three cars will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to one of Leonardo di Caprio’s environmental organizations, who is starring the new full electric Fiat 500 advertisement.

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The ad starring Leonardo Di Caprio


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