Home office for smart working

Domestic space and smart working: the home office is becoming increasingly popular

USM Haller modular system

With the Covid-19 epidemic, which is affecting Italy in these days, smart working is doubtlessly coming back into the limelight. We will not delve into the topic of smart working here, which is a complex subject including several aspects, but we will focus on the variant that most interests us now: working from home.

Samu, by Favaretto & Partners for Sunon

The latest technologies allow us to work in a different way, and there are many jobs that can be done from home. Although a computer and an internet connection, and maybe a printer, are usually enough, furniture is not completely irrelevant.

Samu, pouf by Favaretto & Partners for Sunon

First of all, it cannot be overlooked that a workplace should be a place where you work. Which means that it should be somehow separate from the rest of the house. If you do not have another room, you can use a screen or a center-room bookcase as a partition.

Hook table, by Karim Rashid for Newform Ufficio

Then, to furnish your home office, you definitely need a bookcase or a shelving system to store your documents. Like this cabinet belonging to the Modular System by USM Haller, used to store documents and as a desk thanks to its flap. Or like the cabinet with doors, by USM Haller as well, that becomes a decorative piece thanks to the yellow color (in the first picture).

Cabinet with flap from the Modular System by USM Haller

If there is really no space, Samu, by Favaretto & Partners for Chinese company Sunon, is the perfect element for a smart home office. The Training Chair accommodates a laptop, while the pouf serves also as a magazine rack and is easily transportable to obtain an extra seat.


When space is at a premium, you are free to choose furniture, even for the home office. The Hook table by Newform Ufficio, for example, is perfect for working from the living room. Designed by Karim Rashid, it is equipped with several accessories that help you keep the space clear, small shelves and cable holders.

Hook Collection, by Karim Rashid for Newform Ufficio

For a Scandinavian, or “hygge”, style, the Nova Wood table by Narbutas is perfect. Extremely essential, it has a natural solid wood body, with a black or white top. Thanks to its simplicity, it is ideal both for breakfast and home office uses.

Discover the “hygge style” home

Nova Wood table by Narbutas

Very light by name and by nature, the Pegaso table, designed by Angelotti & Cardile for Caimi Brevetti, has considerable dimensions thanks to a laminated wood core enclosed between two aluminum sheets. A sheet of white acrylic resin completes the top and edges. The structure in polished or painted aluminum completes a light and essential furnishing element.

arredamento home office
Pegaso table, by Caimi Brevetti

Up&Up is a collection of tables by Quadrifoglio Group, with adjustable height and different finishes, to match any interior design style. A home office solution that can be used also in the living room, thanks to its sober and non-intrusive presence.

Up&UP tables by Quadrifoglio Group

Finally, a wall-mounted bookcase with doors, perfect for the living room and to store documents. Opera, by Riccardo Vincenzetti for Newform, stands out for its finishes in new materials, such as Fenix by Arpa. Fenix, made of paper impregnated with resin, offers a perfectly matt, anti-fingerprint finish, repairable from micro scratches, ideal for interior design.

Opera Collection, by Riccardo Vincenzetti for Newform Ufficio

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