Bellaria by Falmec: light that purifies air

Cleaner and fresher air in our everyday environment? Falmec has the answer: Bellaria, the lamp that purifies the air

Due the Covid-19 health emergency, we have all become familiar with environmental sanitization, which has become increasingly necessary for all public places. However, there is a growing desire for cleaner air, a healthier atmosphere, without odors also for our home. Bellaria by Falmec is perfect for any environment. Made of handcrafted glass, respecting the tradition of Venetian master glass craftsmen, it is a furnishing accessory suitable for different environments. From the living room to the kitchen, up to the office, any space can be provided with a beautiful LED light and better air quality.

The tests carried out by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua certify that, thanks to the patented E.ion® system, when Bellaria is in operation, it can reduce the bacterial load in the environment by up to 85% and the fungal load by up to 75%. Available in 4 colors, the Bellaria lamp is also extremely silent. In this way, a healthy and pleasant domestic atmosphere becomes a furnishing element, just like furniture and accessories, and, thanks to Bellaria by Falmec, it is also easy to obtain.

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In 2017, Bellaria by Falmec won the European Product Design Award in the Wellness and Relaxation Products category, confirming the worth of this project.

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