Io scelgo italiano

Beyond the health emergency: #ioscelgoitaliano

We are well in phase two of the health emergency now and we are resuming our buying habits.

Therefore, this is the time to “choose well,” the time when our consumer behavior can significantly help the economic and social fabric of our country. Choosing Italian products, in this phase of consumption contraction, represents a precise responsible choice; it means encouraging the Italian production cycle, supporting the supply chains, preserving jobs and restoring confidence.

Elleci, proud to produce in Italy, intends to suggest a “model of conscious and responsible choice” that can be extended to any area of the national productive fabric. “Because at Elleci we have values that have always been part of our way of being. These qualities make us stand out and have made us famous all over the world. The very concept of beauty lies in our Italian origins, with a heritage of wonders inherited over the centuries that has become a source of inspiration to create products that make your kitchen unique and harmonious. We have always been thinking about the future, using our imagination as a tool to innovate, allowing us to be always one step ahead, constantly up-to-date.”

Read the interviews with the leading figures from the Italian design world:


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