Glass and terracotta: traditional materials reinvented

Exagon SanMarco: glass and terracotta for interior design

Glass and terracotta are natural and ancient materials. The diaphanous glass, light and transparent, and the textural terracotta, solid and opaque, complement each other, lending harmony to spaces. This combination gives light, warmth and color to the rooms, and allows interior designers to create environments with a great personality.


Using this materials, Terreal SanMarco has created Exagon, a collection of terracotta and glass tiles. The Exagon collection relies on a hexagonal module, a regular geometric shape that makes it possible to create endless compositions. The hexagon holds an important position in the history of architecture and in contemporary decoration, with interesting experiments in the Seventies, while glass tiles are inspired by Ravenna’s mosaics.


Two different formats, made of different materials characterized by different thickness and texture, with countless color combinations, guarantee almost total design freedom. Cladding materials become living surfaces, able to create interplays of light and shadow, making walls dynamic and environments alive.

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Terracotta and glass: a long-standing artisanal tradition

Today, terracotta tiles are still produced using the traditional technique. A clay mixture is placed into an open mold, then left to air-dry and baked. The result after baking is the material characterized by the typical porous surface we know, polished and painted by hand to preserve the irregular look typical of terracotta.


The basic element of the glass tiles is “Murano crystal”, a traditional sodium-calcium glass. Glass is cast by hand into a mold, heated to a temperature sufficient to eliminate tension, and cooled again. This process gives the resulting decorative glass durable mechanical resistance.

The terracotta and glass tiles from the Exagon SanMarco tile collection by Terreal are available in five colors: Bianco di Carrara, Nero Lavico, Oro Brillante, Rosa del Deserto, Cortèn. Therefore, the whole color palette enables endless combinations, with interesting color and material effects.


In this way, Exagon SanMarco, the glass and terracotta tile collection by Terreal, becomes a design tool that allows interior designers to adapt colors and materials to different styles.

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