Nightsky, a new glamping experience

Halfway between the tent and the prefabricated module, Nightsky is the latest high-quality accommodation solution for glamping. Designed by Paolo Scoglio, Nightsky is a living module where you can work, relax, sleep, surrounded by nature. Paolo Scoglio, an architect with an authentic passion for buildings surrounded by nature, set up The Ne[s]t, a practice that has designed many buildings in harmony with the environment. The leitmotiv of the firm’s work is the pursuit of a new balance between nature and architecture thanks to sustainable construction techniques and materials.


The load-bearing structure of Nightsky consists of a wood and aluminum frame easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its construction technique derived from prefabrication. Its shape is archetypical, a parallelepiped with pitched or flat roof, enriched by two bow windows that enlarge the available space, making it possible to accommodate up to 4 people. Consistent with the philosophy of the project, it is a sustainable building where floor and mezzanine are made of locally-sourced wood.


Wood is an important element for Nightsky, both as a fuel for a comfortable environment and for the definition of the architectural aesthetics, thanks to the septum/woodshed that can accommodate the wood cut in the forest. Moreover, upon request, the Nightsky living module can also be equipped with a wood-burning fireplace.


Glamping: sustainable tourism and design with Nightsky

Nightsky, as the name suggests, fits into nature seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor space thanks to a skillful use of materials. The module is covered by a double membrane made of a translucent textile material that lets light pass through but prevents you from seeing inside. At night, this membrane lights up and transforms Nightsky into a lantern in the woods.

The space between the two layers of the double membrane contains a translucent insulator, while the outer side of the membrane is coupled with a silicon strip that makes it possible to produce energy. This energy, stored in a storage battery, is used when needed, at night. Producing energy is important to make the module self-sufficient and independent of the distribution network.

The inner part of the membrane can contain heat-sealed textile pockets to grow small plants, to purify the air or even grow edible plants. The roof is formed by a double sheet of transparent polycarbonate that allows you to see the sky, for fantastic starry nights, a relevant detail for a glamping experience.

Currently, the Nightsky living module hosts the guests of Camping Tamaro, in Tenero (Canton of Ticino). However, other accommodations are already being studied, and in the future it could also be rented for limited periods of time.

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