Up To You Anthology on Kickstarter

Up To You Anthology, the platform for the bag designed by your favorite designer, launches its Kickstarter campaign. Innovative also in the way it sells its products, Some days ago, Up To You Anthology launched a campaign on the well-known crowdfunding site where you can buy your bag before others, or contribute to the project by purchasing other products, by clicking this link.

Flat Round Bag, by Naoto Fukasawa

Up to You Anthology is a brainchild of Nicolò Gavazzi, an entrepreneur who has held managerial positions at Boffi and De Padova. The idea is as simple as effective and makes it possible to shorten the supply chain from production to sale. Moreover, it allows you to design your own bag, an exclusive model just for yourself or even a collection.

A design by Nicolò Gavazzi, the Italian entrepreneur who created the platform Up To You Anthology

Design and bags: an innovative idea

Nicolò Gavazzi explains: “I conceived an e-shop that allows the designer to directly reach the end customer, reducing the traditional production and distribution processes.” The system is easy: the designer presents his/her idea, the platform verifies its feasibility and produces the bag. All the bags are entirely made in Italy by Italian artisans.

La Piega, model by US designer Marc Thorpe

The materials include recycled fabrics, with low environmental impact manufacturing processes, and leather from animals already in the food chain. The finished bag enters the market with the label ‘Up To You Anthology’ and the designer’s name.

Detail of Naoto Fukasawa’s collection

There are also ‘special collections’: models designed by 11 internationally renowned designers, including Giulio Cappellini, Elisa Ossino, Naoto Fuwasawa, Nendo, who have decided to create an object and share it with customers.

Now take advantage of the launch price on Kickstarter to be the first to get a bag designed by your favorite designer. [Text Anguilla Segura]

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