Luxury Living Group joins Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design, made in Italy design group, acquires the brands of Luxury Living Group

The long journey begun in the early 2000s by Gruppo Charme has continued over the years and has led to another important acquisition. From the initial core of brands, including the most prestigious manufacturers of Italian design, such as Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina, the group has steadily grown in the following years. Thanks to the acquisition of US brands, such as JANUS et Cie or Luminaire, leading brand in the sale and distribution of design products, it has become increasingly international. Meanwhile, it has changed its name to Lifestyle Design and now the group keeps growing with a major acquisition that expands its sphere of influence.

Fendi Casa collection, on the Luxury Living Group digital platform for retailers

Lifestyle Design, together with Haworth Inc, the US group that owns the companies, has recently announced the acquisition of Luxury Living Group, a well-known name in the industry, which includes renowned high-end furniture brands: Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Bugatti Home. For over 30 years Luxury Living Group has represented made in Italy products worldwide. The group produces and distributes the furniture collections of fashion brands. In some areas of the world, these brands are particularly representative of made in Italy luxury furniture although they are not design brands strictly speaking.

Bentley Home collection, on the Luxury Living Group digital platform for retailers

Founded in the Sixties by Alberto Vignatelli, now Luxury Living Group has an overall turnover of 90 million euros and operates through a worldwide network of 80 retailers specialized in luxury interior design. Moreover, it has 7 directly-owned stores: 2 in Milan, Forlì, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami. The group is also planning the reopening of the London store and two new flagship stores in Shanghai and San Francisco in 2021. Olga Shvilli Vignatelli, who has been working with the group in recent years, will retain her role as Vice President and Brand Ambassador.

Read the interview with Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Gruppo Poltrona Frau

Trussardi Casa collection, on the Luxury Living Group digital platform for retailers

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