In Shenzhen, a school for children

The BeneBaby International Academy is a preschool in Futian, Shenzhen, designed by VMDPE Design studio


WMDPE Design designed the BeneBaby International preschool in Futian, a central area of Shenzhen, China. The international school develops its architecture following the educational principles representing the base of the school. “The children,” explains Vinci Chan, head of the project, “need to interact freely with their surroundings to learn about space.

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That’s why the BeneBaby International Academy features child-friendly designed spaces. The preschool architecture design includes areas with structures and accessories that children can easily use, such as lockers, clothes hangers, and large blackboards. This way, children can explore how they live every day and how to build spatial relationships. The school’s campus covers a total area of 2,000 square meters.


The preschool architecture design: spaces made for children

In addition to general classrooms, the BeneBaby International Academy in Shenzhen houses a theatre, art, and music room for various indoor and outdoor activities. Each floor of the building has significant play and leisure areas, which are generally the most popular with children. ‘Messy rings’ and ‘crop circles’ distinguish these spaces, also the use of colors and materials that promote children’s development, natural elements such as sand or grass.


The lighting systems emit light upwards and downwards, spreading a soft and adequate light into every corner, and the lighting elements also function as ceiling hangers, which can be used by teachers. The preschool’s architecture pays the same attention to the bathrooms, where the washbasins are designed so that children do not spray water on themselves, and do not spray it on the floors.

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To help children draw inspiration from space, VMDPE Design implemented new visual techniques that focus on “indeterminate” content. To stimulate children’s imagination, the design studio used only the most basic colors and shapes, creating an engaging, perceptive experience for children’s development. [Photo Zhang Chao, Leno Huang]

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