The Festival del Disegno di Fabriano is back with its fifth edition

Festival del Disegno di Fabriano 2020, “Liberi tutti”, will be back in Milan in September and in the rest of Italy until 18 October

Festival del Disegno, curated by Fabriano, will be back in September. The fifth edition of the drawing festival has been entirely renovated and redesigned to allow people to safely participate, express themselves and have fun with live initiatives that can be enjoyed also online. Festival del Disegno 2020 will celebrate creativity with the tagline Liberi Tutti! on 12-13 September in Milan and from 14 September to 18 October in other Italian cities. Of course, Liberi Tutti! is not an invitation to break safety standards, but a reference to the freedom that comes from drawing, an activity that unleashes imagination and inspiration. Fabriano has gathered a group of artists to show how drawing makes it possible to overcome barriers.



The colors of the characters created by Guido Scarabottolo accompany the fifth edition of the Festival del Disegno di Fabriano 2020. You are all welcome: children, teenagers, adults, passionate or just curious people, experts and beginners – all you need is the desire to try your hand at it and experiment. For the first time a famous illustrator will open the Festival, with the idea of passing the baton that everyone is invited to pick up.

Many artists have accepted the Festival’s invitation. From cartoonists to calligraphers, up to illustrators, there will be many artists from whom you can learn a lot, in compliance with safety regulations. Many free activities, including workshops, lectures, talks, both in-person and online, will follow one another in Milan.

The program of Festival del Disegno in Milan, 12-13 September 2020

> Workshops with artists

There will be many workshops led by artists, all with a limited number of participants to comply with safety regulations. From the Course of ugly drawing by Alessandro Bonaccorsi for those who believe they cannot draw, to the Monotyping workshop by Elisa Talentino. From the freedom to play with shapes with the dada-inspired workshop LiberDada by Silvia Gasparetto, to the Unpredictable Bestiary by Giulia Orecchia. Finally, among the others, Shozo Koike will illustrate the Japanese painting technique called Sumi-e, and Paolo Bacilieri will dedicate his workshop to the representation of architecture and urban landscapes in cartoons.

The complete list of workshops can be found here

Il Bestiario Imprevedibile by Giulia Orecchia

> Creative workshops in the open air

Pencils, crayons, felt pens, fantasy and paper will be the protagonists of the continuous cycle creative workshops dedicated to children: Il muro dei colori, Il grande disegno, Memorie d’Artista, Mastro Cartaio. With Mastro Cartaio (Master Papermaker), you can try and make a sheet of paper with your hands, following the tradition of Fabriano handmade paper dating back to 1264.

> Live performances by CIBO and ZUZU

This year, for the first time, Festival del Disegno is also digital, with five streaming events hosted in the special section of the website It will be possible to watch the performances by ZUZU, CIBO (Pier Paolo Spinazzè), Giulia Orecchia’s workshop Bestiario imprevedibile, Corso di Disegno Brutto by Alessandro Bonaccorsi, the talk with Davide Crepaldi and Emanuela Pulvirenti titled Il disegno tra mano, occhio e cervello.

Festival del Disegno Fabriano 2020: 12-13 September 2020 in Milan, Sforza Castle; 14 September-18 October, rest of Italy.

The map of the Festival del Disegno, Milan, 12-13 September 2020

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