Colorful parquet flooring

Despite the recent spread of more and more materials imitating its appearance, parquet flooring still holds its place. Because there are aspects of a wooden floor that cannot be reproduced – sound, elasticity, warmth. The world of parquet, however, has not been sitting idly, and today’s wooden floors combine beauty, resistance, and durability, thanks to the use of new technologies. The timeless elegance of parquet now focuses on color, reproducing different material textures for different interior design styles.

Le Corbusier’s colors for the parquets by Secret d’Atelier

Compagnie Française du Parquet is the French company that produces Secret d’Atelier, a collection of premium quality parquet floorings based on the palette of Le Corbusier’s project Architectural Polychromy. Initially developed by Le Corbusier in 1931 on wallpaper and expanded in 1953, Architectural Polychromy is a study that led to the creation of a palette including 63 colors suitable for neutral or vivid combinations. For the Swiss-French architect, the color palette of architectural polychromy should make it possible to design without color-related mistakes, enhancing environmental wellness and people’s wellbeing.

parquet colori.jpg
Secret d’Atelier parquet, with colors from Le Corbusier’s project Architectural Polychromy

Secret d’Atelier is a collection of lacquered parquets available in 11 colors from Le Corbusier’s 63-color palette: Black Ivory, Ruby, Orange, Cerulean Blue 31, Light Grey 59, Light Natural Shadow, Light Grey 31, Dark Grey 59, Light English Green, Vermilion Red 31 and Burnt Sienna 31. Parquet flooring from the Secret d’Atelier range is made with innovative cutting technologies and fine woods, making it a high-end product.

parquet colori.jpg
Secret d’Atelier parquet, with colors from Le Corbusier’s project Architectural Polychromy

The colorful parquet carpet by Paola Lenti per Listone Giordano

Paola Lenti and Listone Giordano have developed an innovative and colorful parquet. Inspired by Henry Perigal’s proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, this parquet creates geometrical shapes on its surface, which can be seen even through color. Color brushstrokes define both the horizontal dimension of the floor and the vertical surfaces of the wall, thanks to matching panels.

parquet colori.jpg
Perigal parquet, by Paola Lenti with Listone Giordano

The wooden flooring from the Perigal range is available in uncommon colors for parquet – Aqua, Graphite, Oil, Teal. The result is a “carpet” painted on a noble material, perfect for any room of the house.

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parquet colori.jpg
Perigal parquet, by Paola Lenti with Listone Giordano, Teal color variant

Bauwerk: True Colors Edition by Gesa Hansen

After Silente, the 100% recyclable parquet that reduces sound absorption by 70%, Bauwerk has developed Next, a completely new technology to apply color. Next relies on multi-layer oil coating that makes color more intense and further enhances the slightly smoky oak color nuances. The colors of the new collection True Colors Edition by Gesa Hansen for Bauwerk represent a new version of the “natural” color.

Gesa Hansen is a young German-Danish designer who graduated from the Bauhaus in Weimar and worked with Jean Nouvel. She set up her label in 2009, The Hansen Family, and has won several awards as an emerging designer. Earth, lava, canebrake and fog are the elements that inspired the new parquet collection. True Colors Edition is available in Villapark planks – large-format planks produced without chemical substances. The HDF support for wood planks is characterized by reduced thickness, which makes it ideal for underfloor heating systems.

Bisazza Wood: parquet flooring with colors and decorations with a Flemish flair

Although it is especially renowned for its mosaics, also Bisazza has developed its parquet range, interpreted by four designers from the Flemish-Dutch area. Available in the square (20x20cm), hexagonal (20x23cm), herringbone (30x10cm), board (60x10cm) formats, parquets are available in 10 colors. The compositions created by the designers are obtained with solid colors combined with laser-engraved decorations.

Parquet by Studio Job for Bisazza Wood, Cannage Moderne design, ph: Dennis Brandsma

The collections

Antwerp-based duo Studio Job creates 3D geometrical patterns and trompe l’oeils – Cannage, Plissage, Bloc, Zig Zag, Escalier – that combine natural shades with vivid colors and wooden modules of different shapes. In this way, the traditional parquet becomes more contemporary.

Parquet by Studio Job for Bisazza Wood, Cannage Rouge design

Edward Van Vliet has chosen the hexagon as a basic module to create infinite 3D decorations. Van Vliet designed the patterns of the Hillstar, Astrakhan, Pirouette, Faraday and New Fidelio collections drawing inspiration from the endless variations of the compass rose and creating trompe l’oeil motifs.

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Parquet Bisazza Wood, Astrakhan design, by Edward van Vliet

Finally, Kiki Van Eijk interprets the feminine side of the parquet by creating floral decors with laser engravings. The Dutch designer was inspired by the natural landscape surrounding her house, with its flowers and wild grass, which she reproduced on the floors combining hexagons in different colors and laser-engraved patterns.

Floral Spicy parquet, designed by Kiki van Eijk for Bisazza Wood, ph: Matteo Imbriani

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