Wallpapers with antibacterial treatment by WallPepper / Group

The wallpaper by WallPepper / Group offers higher hygiene in public spaces thanks to Wallsilk, its antibacterial protective system

carte da parati moderne

WallPepper®/Group wallpapers, distributed worldwide and renowned for their certified quality, are now provided with a special treatment able to offer higher hygiene and cleanliness.  The Wallsilk Antibacterial treatment is applied to wallpaper after installation and is suitable for any public and private space. Thanks to this treatment, walls are perfectly clean and hygienic.

Discover Wallpepper H2O, water and moisture resistant wallpaper

The new Wallsilk Antibacterial system by WallPepper / Group

WallPepper / Group has always produced modern wallpapers characterized by a contemporary design. Thanks to ongoing research, WallPepper wallpapers are also natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified. If you choose them, you will creatively decorate spaces that, thanks to Wallsilk Antibacterial, are also cleaner and safer.

Thanks to a two-component formula with anti-proliferation of bacterial action, the Wallsilk Antibacterial treatment eliminates 99,9% of the bacteria on the surface. Its composition is enriched with silver salts, antibacterial and disinfectant metal with a ‘natural’ germicidal action. Wallsilk Antibacterial is resistant to abrasion, water and solvents.

Wallsilk Antibacterial joins a collection of special products by WallPepper that make modern wallpapers an effective product as well as an interesting element in terms of design and décor. For example, Wallpepper H2O, thanks to fiberglass and the protective resin WallSilk CAT, is moisture and water resistant. Moreover, adding the WallSilk K epoxy, it becomes the ideal solution even for ‘extreme’ situations such as in immersion.

carte da parati moderne
Wallepper wallpaper

Discover Wallpepper H2O, water and moisture resistant wallpaper

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