In Colombia, a Japanese style house featuring Neolith sintered stone

Architecture firm 5 Sólidos designed a villa near Medellín, Colombia, inspired by Japanese architecture, with Neolith sintered stone surfaces

The outdoor area of the house designed by architecture firm 5 Sólidos in Medellín

A short distance from Medellín (Colombia), architecture and design firm 5 Sólidos designed a villa inspired by the East, surrounded by nature. Thanks to the close contact between man and the surrounding landscape, this project aims to reestablish man’s relationship with nature. This villa has vast areas for relaxation and life in the open air.

The 25m long swimming pool with central boardwalk and the relaxation area with L-shaped sofa and fireplace clad in Neolith Beton sintered stone

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The project by architecture firm 5 Sólidos interprets the Asian tradition from a contemporary point of view

This one-story house is organized into two separate blocks with different functions. One of the two buildings hosts the bathrooms and three bedrooms; the other hosts the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. A hallway connects the two areas, one of which is private and intended for rest and relaxation, while the other is dedicated to socializing. In the hallway, a shoji panel, the typical Japanese sliding door, separates the two wings of the house.

The kitchen is in natural wood with worktops and backsplashes covered with Neolith Beton slabs: a hygienic, highly functional solution that is suitable for any surface and recalls concrete

The outdoor area is characterized by spaces dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, with a dining area next to an outdoor kitchen, a 25m long swimming pool, another relaxation area equipped with L-shaped sofa and fireplace

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Revolutionary surfaces with Neolith sintered stone

Many interior and exterior surfaces of the house are clad with different collections of Neolith sintered stone. Made with a highly innovative, hygienic and resistant stone, ideal for covering any type of surface, these slabs are eco-sustainable and completely natural. Sintered stone is composed of glass minerals, granite, and natural oxides, guaranteeing a low carbon footprint.

The countertops of the bathroom are clad with Neolith Nero sintered stone

Also the process of creating the stone is totally ecological as Neolith Digital Design relies on a completely organic method to print slabs. Hydro-NDD 2.0 printing is a water-based decoration technique that greatly reduces the emissions typical of traditional printing methods. Finally, Neolith slabs are produced by the sintering process: an innovative technique capable of reproducing the natural stone formation process in just a few hours. A process that in nature would take thousands of years to complete.

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