Art on the table by Steinbeisser

Steinbeisser is a Dutch brand producing sustainable tableware for new culinary experiences

Ping Pong spoon designed by Wang Ian Lai for Steinbeisser, available on

Steinbeisser is a Dutch brand of dishes, cutlery and tableware in general, established in Amsterdam in 2009 by Martin Kullik and Jouw Wijnma. This brand produces sustainable dishes and cutlery with aesthetic and functional characteristics that are distant from those of traditional tableware. Kullik and Wijnma work with designers from all over the world to make original tableware able to reinterpret the traditional concept of table. The cutlery, cups, and glasses made by Steinbeisser encourage people to experiment with new uses and have exciting culinary experiences.

Wine glass by Jochen Holz for Steinbeisser. Ph:

You are not only what you eat, you are also how you eat. Steinbeisser tableware invites you to think about how you eat more than what you eat. In this way, lunch and dinner become moments of sharing and discovery.

Art and sustainability in Steinbeisser products

Not only are Steinbeisser plates and cutlery sustainable, but they are also precious authentic works of art. With their unique shapes, materials and functionalities, they allow you to enjoy food in a different way. Steinbeisser utensils are totally ecofriendly since they are made with natural and often recycled materials such as wood, pumpkin, stone, metal, clay, glass. Even the glue, paint and glass used to make them are organic and biodegradable.

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A dish served during Experimental Gastronomy 2017, the event organized every year by Steinbeisser at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, with Michelin-starred chefs and designers from all over the world. Ph: Rein Janssen

Experimental Gastronomy, the initiative by Steinbeisser combining artistic tableware and haute cuisine

In 2012, Steinbeisser collective launched Experimental Gastronomy. This annual event, held at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, was created to combine the creative and artistic design of their dishes with the best examples of world gastronomy. Anybody can take part in the dinner, prepared by internationally renowned starred chefs that change every year. This iconic dinner always offers a biodynamic menu, made with local organic ingredients. During every edition, guests are invited to experience new ways of enjoying food and interacting with dishes and cutlery.

Experimental Gastronomy 2019, Vienna. During the dinner, you can experiment with new ways of enjoying food and interacting with tableware. The event is organized in different cities around the world. Ph: Thomas Albdorf

The new edition of Experimental Gastronomy, 6-8 November 2020, in Amsterdam, will host Chef Jeong Kwan, known from Netflix’s Chef’s Table, the show that delves into the life and carrier of a world-famous chef, created by David Gelb.

Discover the locations of the next Experimental Gastronomy events on Steinbeisser website. The initiative takes place in other cities around the world in addition to Amsterdam.

Steinbeisser tableware can be purchased on Jouw, an e-commerce platform that is constantly updated.

Experimental Gastronomy 2018, Basel. Ph: Kathrin Koschitzki


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