Superstudio Più Hosts Nelle Mani delle Donne

From 23 September to 29 October, Supertudio Più (MyOwn Gallery) will host Nelle mani delle donne, two exhibitions dedicated to women’s creativity

Superstudio Più reopens after the forced stop of 2020. The first in-person event includes two exhibitions dedicated to women’s creativity.

Nelle Mani delle Donne includes two exhibitions, I fiori della Materia, curated by Gisella Borioli, and Narcisi Fragili, the second edition of Cramum’s project “Una stanza tutta per me”.

The setting of the presentation of Thammada, the watch designed by Paola Navone for Swatch

Living matter

For I Fiori della Materia, Gisella Borioli has gathered designers and architects of very different age and background. This exhibition ranges from architecture to furniture, up to sculpture, without boundaries between subjects. The protagonists present works focused on the use, processing and enhancement of materials, and the experimentation of new solutions. The architects and designers participating in this exhibition are Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, Vera Belikova, Mavi Ferrando, Francesca Gasparotti, Adriana Lohmann, Ilaria Marelli, Paola Navone, Elena Salmistraro.

Grifo cabinet, by Elena Salmistraro for Altreforme

Narcisi Fragili

The second edition of the project promoted by Cramum, “Una stanza tutta per me”, hosts several artists, all of them very original. The exhibition Narcisi Fragili, curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to different artistic techniques. Through their works, the artists investigate the beauty and precarious nature of man’s life. The exhibition path starts with Scars, a new work by master glassmaker Laura de Santillana, and goes on with works by Daniela Ardiri, Flora Deborah, Giulia Manfredi, Francesca Piovesan.

Scars, by Laura de Santillana

The exhibitions of Nelle Mani delle Donne pay a tribute to women’s creativity and provide an opportunity to meet, in the return to life that characterizes 2020, a very peculiar year. During the same month, Milan is also hosting Milano Fashion Week (22-28 September), and Milano Design City, the important event in which DDN will take part with its DDN Hub.

Nelle Mani delle Donne, MyOwnGallery, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 bis, from 23 September to 29 October

Vitriol, sculpture in resin and wood by Giulia Manfredi

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