Pienosole, 100% Made in Italy Men’s Bracelets

Pienosole is a new brand that offers handmade, sustainable, 100% Made in Italy men’s bracelets. Its founders are Paolo Priolo and Emanuela Carelli, working and life partners who had already started other initiatives such as Klat Magazine. Pienosole bracelets are entirely made in Italy, with vegetable tanned leather and stainless-steel buckles. The first collection includes one model available in four colors – blue, brown, red, green – inspired by special Italian places: Caprera, Siena, Stromboli and Portofino.


Where did the idea of a men’s bracelet come from?

“As to the design – explains Paolo Priolo – we took the watch strap and made it a very rich yet simple accessory. Simple because it is a simple bracelet, but made with the highest quality materials and excellent Italian workmanship. We liked the idea of expressing in a single object, so essential, the cultural and artisanal heritage of the Italian manufacture.”

“Therefore, we have analyzed the international markets and discovered that there is a demand for men’s bracelets. Moreover, men’s bracelets are not linked to a brand, there are no established competitors in this industry. So, we realized that there was a gap that allowed us for freedom of expression while making the best use of the Italian craft and manufacturing tradition.”

Discover Made in Italy production with XTRA, the magazine dedicated to Italian craftsmanship and manufacturing excellences


Made in Italy and sustainable materials

“We wanted the whole project to be based on high quality and sustainability. Talking about sustainability is quite complicated as it includes the whole process, from the selection of materials to the processing cycle up to the disposal cycle. Radicalizing sustainability becomes ideological extremism: even the best product will have some negative effects on the environment, at least minimal; the real zero-impact product does not exist. Therefore, we have decided to focus on a sustainable and 100% made in Italy project.”

Leather, a natural material

“Choosing leather, at that point, was quite natural. Faux leather and other regenerated materials, which we considered at first, did not convince us either from an aesthetic or ecological point of view. Full grain vegetable tanned leather, on the other hand, is eco-friendly, natural and in line with the principles of circular economy. It we take a closer look at it, the tanning industry does a very valuable job transforming the waste of the food industry.”

“Of course, if we did not eat beef, we would not need the tanning industry. But, as long as we eat beef, tanning is a very useful activity that regenerates putrescible waste that otherwise would be complicated to dispose of. Moreover, we have chosen vegetable tanning, relying only on natural tannins, without toxic substances, azo dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol, chromium VI, which are harmful to humans and the environment. Finally, once its life cycle is over, genuine vegetable-tanned leather can be easily disposed of thanks to its chemical and biological characteristics.”


“The same applies to other materials. Buckles are made of stainless steel, not subjected to electroplating, which is more polluting; moreover, it is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and made in Italy. Not even the packaging has been left to chance: the FSC certified paper box is derived from recycled cellulose and leather waste, and is produced with 100% green energy.”


Pienosole, 100% Made in Italy and affordable men’s bracelets

“Italy boasts an extraordinary legacy in terms of manufacturing expertise, but costs are almost always unsustainable for brands entering the market for the first time. Often manufacturers have prices that are too high for small batches, which is why many companies turn to non-European suppliers.”


“However, a 100% Made in Italy product was fundamental for us, so we searched until we found the right suppliers, from different parts of Italy. Leather comes from a historic Tuscan tannery and buckles are made in Veneto. Bracelets are made in Lombardy and the box comes from a paper mill in the Marche region. The final price is not low, but we have managed to balance the excellent quality with an affordable price. Also the distribution has helped us contain the price: Pienosole bracelets can be purchased only online from the company’s website or Amazon.”

Discover Made in Italy production with XTRA, the magazine dedicated to Italian craftsmanship and manufacturing excellences

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