Spazio hood by Falmec wins the Compasso d’Oro 2020

Among the winners of the Compasso d’Oro 2020, there is also the Spazio hood by Falmec

This is an important award for this project by Falmec, a hood designed to make the most of the often-unused area above the island worktop. The extra space that can be obtained in this way can accommodate different objects, making kitchen activities more practical.

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The hood has an island supporting structure with smoked glass shelves where everyday objects can be stored. There are also an equipped channel with hooks to hang ladles and other utensils up and an LED lighting system running on the edge of the hood that illuminates the worktop.

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Moreover, Spazio offers several innovative functions. USB ports and electric sockets make it possible to connect smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and kitchen gadgets.

The space is organized thanks to spice holders, a roll holder and a tablet rest to allow you to follow recipes in the best possible way. A small home garden surrounding the hood makes it possible to grow aromatic plants thanks to a special light that favors their growth.

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The primary function of the hood, fume extraction, relies on Falmec’s patented Circle.Tech technology. Thanks to the Circle.Tech technology, the hood filters outgoing air and spreads it evenly in the environment. The Spazio hood uses special Carbon.Zeo filters composed of natural materials such as activated carbon and zeolite, which are perfect to absorb organic compounds and water vapor. Motor and filters ensure excellent extraction performance, besides being quiet and able to perfectly absorb all odors.

Discover Sintesi, the hood integrated in the worktop

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