Antoniolupi and the invisible showerhead

The showerhead according to Antoniolupi: invisible, adjustable, built-in, in pure steel, for any need

Somebody said: “Even the best of hotels often goofs on the shower. Low pressure, too small showerhead, not adjustable jet. On the contrary, a pleasant shower, with an adjustable jet and a large showerhead, can definitely improve the hotel experience.” Antoniolupi has done something better: not only do the showerheads have jets with a thousand variations, but they are also recessed in the ceiling, for perfect aesthetics. They also recall flying saucers and are 180° adjustable. A very wide range of showerheads – waterfall, adjustable, ceiling or wall-mounted – can meet every wellness and interior design need.

Meteo: a disc of wellness

Designed by Nevio Tellatin, the Meteo showerhead combines formal rigor with technological innovation. Recessed in the ceiling, Meteo is a showerhead with LED RGB lighting for chronotherapy and is available with perimeter rain jet or center waterfall, in the rectangular version.

Meteo showerhead, by Nevio Tellatin

Its evolutions are Meteo_In and Meteo_Out. Meteo_In is a circular disc, perfectly integrated in the ceiling and wrapped by a ring of light. Water falls directly from the ceiling, and colored light generates a beam of chromatic reflections. On the other hand, Meteo_Out recalls a crater surrounded by a ring of light that emphasizes its depth. Water and light embellish the surface and the metal reflections of the stainless-steel showerhead. The Meteo series is completed by the Meteo_XXL and FuoriMeteo showerheads.

Meteo_In waterfall showerhead, by Nevio Tellatin for Antoniolupi

The “magnetic” attraction of Lumen

Another impressive product is Lumen, the central showerhead with LED lights designed by Marco Pisati. A hemispherical shell hosts a core with nozzles that direct the water jet towards the center, as if attracted by a magnetic field. Lumen combines the effects of water with chromotherapy thanks to the LED RGB lights that can be adjusted with the remote control. The structure recessed in the ceiling is in white painted steel.

Lumen showerhead with LED RGB lights, designed by Marco Pisati

Iride, the lamp with water jet

Iride, by Marco Pisati, was born as a lighting object and only later became a showerhead. Unlike other showerheads with chromotherapy, Iride is a lamp that effectively illuminates the space besides offering the beneficial effect of chromotherapy. Its important cylindrical volume is dematerialized thanks to the opal plastic or glass diffuser and the LED spotlight with RGB light. The jet is dematerialized in multiple colors and the diffusion of light is uniform. The Iride showerhead is made of steel and opal acrylic and has a diameter of 25 cm.

Iride showerhead, designed by Marco Pisati

Raindrop and Ghost: the showerhead that disappears

Raindrop, by Calvi Brambilla, is a further evolution of the ceiling-mounted waterfall showerhead. Made of Flumood, it can be perfectly integrated in the ceiling, also in terms of colors, thanks to its technology that makes it possible to hide the technological component in the false ceiling.

Discover all the colors of Flumood

Raindrop, the showerhead designed by Calvi Brambilla, recalls a waterdrop recessed in the ceiling

Also Ghost, by AL Studio, is an innovation in the waterfall showerhead recessed in the ceiling. Perfectly integrated into the surface, Ghost reveals itself only when it is on. When it is not used, only the holes, which hide the nozzles and form a regular grid, can be seen. Consisting of a square or rectangular Flumood plate in which the nozzles are “drowned”, the showerhead disappears thanks to the paint of the surface that houses it. A special accessory makes it possible to remove the nozzles individually and inspect them. In this way, maintenance can be performed without touching the surface.

Discover all the colors of Flumood

Ghost by AL Studio is completely recessed in the ceiling and can be seen only when it is on

Antoniolupi and responsible water consumption

Responsible water consumption is the goal of Azimut, the showerhead that combines air and water, with 336 nozzles for a perfect waterfall. Thanks to the joint, this showerhead, which can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall, rotates 180° around an axis, for greater flexibility in installation. Designed by GI-RA, Azimut is made of stainless steel and black Derlin for a contemporary and striking look.

Azimut, the adjustable showerhead by GI-RA, combines air and water to use less water and is 180° adjustable

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