#STAYGREEN, the concept for eco-friendly hotels

#STAYGREEN is a concept for eco-friendly hotels, for an immersive experience surrounded by nature

Sustainable hospitality has been a rising trend in the tourism industry for some years now. As a matter of fact, the number of facilities that adopt virtuous behavior and green policies also to raise guests’ awareness about environmental issues is steadily growing.


At Regeneration! The Hospitality Design District by SIA in Rimini, WiP Architecture Technical Engineering presented #STAYGREEN, a concept for eco-friendly hotels, which reinterprets and adapts traditional hospitality spaces to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s travelers.


Based on biophilic architecture, this project consists in a structure suspended on piles, with large windows overlooking the surrounding natural landscape. In this way, the building, which privileges the use of wood, perfectly integrates with the natural landscape and environment. To access the structure, you have to cross a bridge, which makes the entrance particularly suggestive.

Discover the new OIZ Office in Ankara by Yazgan Design Architecture, inspired by biophilic architecture

The structure supported by piles, accessed from a suspended bridge

All interior spaces are inspired by biophilic design in order to encourage the connection with nature. For this reason, no spaces for fitness were designed and hotel guests are invited to exercise outdoors, surrounded by nature. Besides encouraging this relationship with nature, #STAYGREEN, the eco-friendly hotel, thanks to biophilic architecture, takes advantage of technology to favor guests’ comfort. All guests can use specific apps to adjust ventilation and lighting.


Finally, the #STAYGREEN hotel offers suites that are perfect for remote working, with dedicated workstations and Wi-Fi connection that make it possible to work in a comfortable space with natural views.

The suite available for remote working

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