LG SIGNATURE and Bellavista winery team up for the excellence of Italian wines

LG SIGNATURE presents a new wine cellar in collaboration with Bellavista winery

Bellavista winery collaborated with LG SIGNATURE, the premium brand of LG Electronics, for the launch of the new wine cellar. This presentation also offered the opportunity to announce an ongoing collaboration during which Bellavista and LG SIGNATURE will lead guests to discover the quality of the wines and the possibility to store wines in ideal conditions even at home. This will make it possible to reproduce the wine tasting experience of the winery directly at one’s home.


Instaview wine cellar by LG SIGNATURE is perfect for storing fine wines. It has a storage capacity of up to 65 bottles, and a stainless-steel structure with scratch-resistant finish, perfect for any interior style. The tinted mirror-coated glass panel protects wines from sunlight. By simply knocking twice on the glass, the Instaview function allows you to see inside the wine cellar without opening the door, preventing temperature variations. Thanks to the Auto Open Door function, the door opens automatically by waving a foot close to the base of the structure.

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The innovative LG SIGNATURE technology for excellent Italian wines

Thanks to the many innovative technologies implemented, this wine cellar makes it possible preserve wines in the best possible condition to age just like a traditional cellar.


For example, Multi Temperature Control creates the ideal conditions for different wines. Thanks to three optimal temperature zones that suit different red, white and sparkling wines, the correct aging process is guaranteed. Moreover, Optimal Humidity Control preserves the bouquet by keeping the air inside at the perfect humidity.


Finally, the Convertible Drawer makes it possible to select the temperature and choose between fridge and freezer mode, depending on the food that will be paired with wine.

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