Circula: empathetic and intelligent design

Tomek Rygalik designs a sustainable seat that favors circular economy and fosters dialogue

Ph: Studio Rygalik

Polish designer Tomek Rygalik has designed Circula, a bench made with reclaimed materials, whose round shape encourages people to dialogue and establish new kinds of relations. Not only is Circula’s design empathetic, it is also sustainable as it is made to last over time.

Circula: the bench that favors socialization

Circula forms part of the ECO Solidarity project, the program promoted by Tomek Rygalik’s firm and the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, which supports ethical and sustainable projects. The main aim of Circula is to invite people to interact and open up without fear. Thanks to its circular shape, a universal symbol of balance and harmony, this bench allows people to look in each other’s eyes to better express themselves. Sitting in a circle makes people more willing to interact and exchange ideas, encourages sharing and stimulates the creative flow. This kind of seat is particularly useful for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions and it also fosters interaction among children both in recreational spaces and schools.

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Tomek Rygalik and the Circula bench in the recycled plastic version

Circula and Tomek Rygalik’s smart design

Tomek Rygalik has designed a bench that respects the principles of circular economy. The Circula bench is made of spruce or pine wood, recycled plastic, phosphate steel. Wood is sourced from responsibly-managed, FSC- or PEFC-certified forests. Plastic is entirely obtained from recycled packaging and was developed in collaboration with Boomplastic – a creative studio dedicated to plastic recycling. The recycled material that covers the bench consists of clearly visible coarse and colorful plastic fragments.

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The bench is made of three interlocking modules, held together by an integrated, hidden locking mechanism. The seat rests on three legs, which can be anchored to the ground if necessary, offering perfect stability even on irregular surfaces. It is available in a standard size with a 1,900 mm diameter, with seating capacity ranging from 2 to 6 people. Moreover, Circula can be customized in a wide range of colors and materials that make every model unique.

Ph: Studio Rygalik

Tomek Rygalik creates innovative and sustainable design products that promote more responsible consumption of the raw materials and resources offered by our planet. Circula is a project that fosters circular economy; for each piece purchased, another is donated by the company to a company, association, or foundation that requests one for social or charitable purposes. And if the buyer is no longer interested in the bench, the company itself will take it back and return it to “circulation” offering it to somebody else.

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