Olivieri: when passion becomes identity

Romagna-based company Olivieri, specializing in furniture for sleeping and living areas, is experiencing great international expansion

In the market for over ninety years with a production of the highest level, Olivieri is experiencing a moment of utter glory. We talked about it with Michele Sartini, Sales and Marketing Director, who, since 2015, has been working closely with Marco and Enrica Olivieri, General Manager and Administrative Director respectively, to develop a largescale strategic project, which is both high-tech and visionary.

Olivieri: a new identity to go on with the tradition

You joined the company in a really happy moment, when Oliveri, which until recently was mostly known for its wardrobes and furniture for the sleeping area, proudly approaches the living room furniture industry and seems to grow beyond expectations. On what did you focus?

Michele Sartini: I joined the family business in 2006 to meet a wish of my mother. After pushing me to study abroad for 2 years, she wanted me back in management with a project aimed at the brand’s internationalization. The idea of entrusting me with the sales management, and consequently the corporate project, is an intuition of Marco and Enrica Olivieri. From that moment on, I tried to listen and understand the markets’ needs to turn them into productive potential.”

Dress Code collection by Olivieri for the living area

“In my opinion, Olivieri is going through a booming period also because we managed to combine in the best possible way the market needs with our company’s production structure. Olivieri is something in between industry and carpentry. Probably it is a unique company, and we are carrying out our brand project based on these features.

It is a journey we started in 2014, which we romantically call ‘back to the origins. We have decided to create a new identity starting from our origins and our woodworking tradition. Olivieri was established in 1929 by my great-grandfather Gregorio Olivieri, and grew with his son Tullio and his wife Teresa. We believe that enhancing our 91 years of history is the best choice.”

Dress Code collection by Olivieri makes it possible to create complete custom-made walls for the living area

The role of communication

A relevant part of the recent success is linked with the communication strategy. “We have recently started collaborating with Arkimera and Michelangelo Bonfiglioli, with whom we are developing interesting projects on a graphic, artistic and strategic level. We have managed to convey our passion for our work and the attention to artisan details: in short, our DNA. And the results are really rewarding.”

Discover Olivieri’s booth at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019

And the importance of distribution

In the redefinition of the company’s identity, distribution plays a fundamental role as well. “As to the domestic market, we have worked on the creation of a network of professionals who have embraced the brand’s philosophy and enhance it appropriately. Therefore, I can say them I am really satisfied with the Italian sales network. However, from next February we will focus on foreign markets, which make about 50% of company revenues and have ample room for growth.

Discover the Dress Code collection by Olivieri

Projects for the future

I consider Olivieri an authentic Italian excellence with vast untapped potential. In 2021, we are investing in new products and in communication and distribution strategies to reach increasingly ambitious goals.”

Fab wardrobe collection by Olivieri

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