Regno sulla Nuvola: Liangzhu Culture

The European promotion event of the virtual exhibition organized by the Liangzhu Museum, “Regno sulla nuvola”, held in Milan was very successful. The Liangzhu Museum (China) and the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci (Italy) offered Europe a cultural feast

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On December 23, 2020, “Regno sulla nuvola”, the event organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Liangzhu museum, with the strategic partnership of DDN Design Diffusion News, to promote Liangzhu Culture in Europe, was a success. The vice president of Liangzhu Museum, Zhou Liming, and the director of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Fiorenzo Galli, participated in the “Regno sulla nuvola” online conference and in the Italy-China cultural webinar held in Milan. The special guests were Anna Barbara, Demetrio Paparoni, Joseph Di Pasquale and Simona Uberto.

The ancient Liangzhu civilization was introduced to the European people through the online cloud exhibition, a novel form of communication, showing the world the charm of the ancient Chinese civilization. Guests also discussed Chinese and Italian culture, history, architecture, and other topics.

In order to better promote the “Regno sulla nuvola” webinar and Liangzhu culture, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held an offline event in Milan on December 17. Well-known artist Elena Borghi delivered a live painting performance inspired by Liangzhu culture, characterized by facial patterns of gods, humans and beasts, using art to draw the “reign on the cloud” in her heart. This “Liangzhu Window Show” allowed people to appreciate the mark left by Liangzhu civilization on the ancient East. In the meanwhile, also the audience took up paintbrushes to participate in the Liangzhu-inspired work.

After the offline event, the online press conference of “Regno Sulla nuvola” was officially held in Milan on December 23. The event hosted representatives of the Liangzhu Museum, dedicated to Liangzhu culture, and of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, an authoritative cultural institution in Milan, as special guests. During the event, Zhou Liming, vice president of the Liangzhu Museum, gave the audience a detailed account of the discovery process of Liangzhu civilization and its important influence in China and abroad. Afterwards, as a representative of the Italian Museum. Fiorenzo Galli, director of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia, shared his thoughts on Chinese culture, represented by the Liangzhu Civilization, and expressed enthusiasm for the inclusion of Liangzhu civilization into European cultural knowledge. After the speeches of the guests from the two countries, “Regno sulla nuvola-Liangzhu Civilization Online Exhibition” was launched.

“Regno sulla nuvola-Liangzhu Civilization Online Exhibition” consists of five chapters and four sections, dedicated to the brilliant achievements of Liangzhu’s royal city, agriculture and handicrafts, water conservancy projects, and jade. The online exhibition adopts advanced interactive technology to restore the style of the King City of Liangzhu with immersive sand table animation and embedded video, creating an immersive exhibition experience, interspersed with knowledge questions, VR interaction, mini games, audio and video content. These interactive art forms allow users to walk in Liangzhu and feel Liangzhu from different sides.

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism organized Liangzhu online exhibition “Regno sulla nuvola” in the case of lockdown in multiple countries, and spread it through online linkage and offline assistance. With the launch of Liangzhu’s “Golden Business Card of Culture” in Europe, the ancient Liangzhu civilization will usher in a new era on a global scale, and the voice of “Picturesque Zhejiang” will spread farther on the international stage.

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