The new design icons according to HOMI

The new design icons of the HOMI Community, the design community of HOMI Milano, active all-year round, are inspired by sustainability

HOMI – The Lifestyle Trade Fair is always an opportunity to see up close how ways of living are changing. In 2021, HOMI will be held from 5 to 8 September, in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.Milano, and, on this occasion, it will propose, as usual, a series of objects reflecting the changes in our habits. Together with our habits, today’s objects reflect the new values that are emerging from the conversations of the HOMICommunity, held throughout the year. One value that is now firmly established is sustainability, an indispensable component of contemporary design.

HOMI Milano 2021 for soft mobility

Paying homage to soft mobility, the Closca Helmet is an accessory that adds style to using a scooter or an e-bike. The Closca Helmet applies innovation to surfaces and becomes reflective for better visibility in the dark.

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Closca Helmet

Closca is also concerned about pollution from disposable plastic. For this reason, among the accessories, Closca has also included a canteen, which allows you to always have water and drinks with you, while reducing the use of plastic.

Closca canteen

Sustainable accessories and complements

Japanese designer Yukiko Kitahara, for example, invites us to reflect on the harmful habit of using disposable objects. Her tableware collection reproduces objects that are usually disposable in white porcelain, to encourage more conscious consumption. Her motto is “Teinei na seikatsu”, which means “living in an orderly way”. Yukiko Kitahara designed also the packaging, which is sustainable as well.


Also LightHole, a collection of low consumption lamps, is inspired by sustainability. LightHole is a patent that combines innovation, technology, minimalist and elegant design, using known materials such as steel, methacrylate, LED lights, for lamps that integrate into the decor and spread a soft light.

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LightHole lamp, in steel and methacrylate, with LED lights

Umage Design, from Scandinavia, designs and manufactures wooden complements reminiscent of Scandinavian landscapes. True to its sustainability-centered philosophy, Umage Design proposes intelligent packaging solutions to reduce the effects of transportation on the environment.

Wooden lamp by Umage Design

Finally, Euphoric is a Tuscan company that designs and manufactures custom furniture. Sustainability may also imply a return to artisanal tradition. Euphoric furniture is crafted with fine materials.

Crafted cupboard by Euphoric

Innovative and sustainable fabrics

Hefel, an Austrian company that produces household linens, has developed a collection of quilts, pillows and mattress covers made of Tencel, the innovative fiber of natural origin. Obtained from the pulp of eucalyptus wood, Tencel offers softness, strength and the ability to absorb moisture. Moreover, Tencel fabric offers remarkable breathability, which is another requirement that makes it ideal for bedding. Tencel can be machine washed and, thanks to its fibers, which easily absorb color, can be easily dyed. Hefel enriches the panorama of companies seeking sustainability, even in the field of household linen.

Discover HOMI January 2020

Tencel quilts by Hefel

HOMI Milano 2021 will take place from 5 to 8 September at Fieramilanocity-MiCo

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