Showerhead trends

Showerheads are fundamental to create the perfect shower. Round, square, rectangular, recessed, jointed, in many different materials, the showerhead is not just useful for the water jet anymore, but it has also become a furnishing element. Moreover, thanks to some new solutions, showerheads can effectively help us save water.

Ceiling-mounted showerheads

Antoniolupi and the showerhead integrated in the ceiling

Raindrop, by Calvi Brambilla for Antoniolupi, is a showerhead integrated in the ceiling, which reproduces the effect of a raindrop falling on a water surface. The concentric circles that evolve with less intensity while moving away from the center create a decoration that wraps and protects the built-in showerhead. Raindrop is made of Flumood and can be perfectly integrated in the ceiling, also in terms of color, thanks to the technology that makes it possible to hide the showerhead in the false ceiling.

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Raindrop, built-in ceiling showerhead, by Calvi Brambilla for Antoniolupi

The showerhead for color therapy

Zazzeri proposes the classic ceiling-mounted showerhead in stainless steel AISI316L, a material that makes it particularly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, in polished steel and brushed steel finishes. Shirò Skyrain by Zazzeri is a showerhead available in 5 different sizes, either square or rectangular, which offers the possibility to choose the jet – only rain jet, rain and waterfall, with rain and waterfall jet plus spraying function, or finally with rain and waterfall jets plus spraying function and RGB LEDs – depending on the model and size. The models equipped with RGB LEDs feature a plate with push-button control panel for color therapy, available in 7 colors (white, red, green, blue, fuchsia, yellow, light blue), which can be set either manually or automatically.

The showerhead with LED lights

Cristina Rubinetterie proposes the anti-limescale showerhead with monochrome LED lighting. Dynamo Rainbow has a 30 cm diameter and is available in 3 finishes: matt black, matt white or chrome.

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Dynamo Rainbow, ceiling-mounted showerheads with LED light, by Cristina Rubinetterie

Rubinetterie Treemme proposes Loop, made up of three circles with separate functions, which dialogue with each other and are perceived by the “spectator user” as a harmonious composition of light, rain and jet water.

Loop ceiling-mounted showerhead by Rubinetterie Treemme

Jointed showerheads

The Azimut showerhead, designed by GI-RA for Antoniolupi, perfectly mixes water and air to control water consumption. Azimut consists of a cylinder with a special joint, which can be either ceiling or wall-mounted and allows for a 180° rotation of the jet. The showerhead swivels and the jet stays in the selected position, thanks to a snap effect device. The showerhead has 4 jets and 336 nozzles that ensure a cascade of wellbeing, saving water, thanks to technology. Azimut has an essential and rigorous design, and is made of satin steel and black Delrin. Its dimensions are 9 cm (H) x 17.5 cm (D), ø 9 cm.

03 by Fima Carlo Frattini for energy saving

Davide Vercelli has designed the 03 showerhead for Fima Carlo Frattini. This showerhead offers three different jets: Rain, Blade and Waterfall. The three aerators of the Rain jet offer a wide and abundant water flow, consuming only 8 liters of water per minute. The Blade, thanks to the specific jet breaker, creates a water jet with reduced speed flow. Finally, the Waterfall offers an invigorating and energizing jet, thanks to a fast flow, effective even with low water flow rates. The 03 showerhead consists of a cylindrical body that delivers water, and a wall or ceiling-mounted support equipped with a special joint to direct the water jet. The steel layer covering the cylinder with the jets is only 6 mm thick and available in many finishes, to meet different interior design needs.

03, ceiling-mounted jointed showerhead, by Davide Vercelli for Fima Carlo Frattini

Rubinetterie Treemme presents Sipario, a project by Giampiero Castagnoli and Phicubo. The Sipario showerhead consists of a support and a jointed cylindrical body, which allows the jet to be directed in the desired direction. It can be either ceiling or wall-mounted, and is available in versions with 1 or 3 jets.

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