Ogami collection and stone paper

Talking about notebooks may seem anachronistic in digital times. However, the habit of taking notes on paper has not waned; on the contrary, there are still many admirers of pen and paper. The production of paper poses some sustainability issues and recycled paper is not always appreciated. A reflection on all these aspects resulted in Ogami, notebooks and diaries available in many different formats for different uses and needs.

Soft cover notebooks from the Professional series by Ogami

The first innovative feature is that Ogami notebooks are made of Repap stone paper, made without felling any tree. To make Repap paper only inert materials, a mixture of stone powder (calcium carbonate) and non-toxic resins (high density polyethylene) are used, which act as a binder for the composition of the material.

Hard cover spiral notebook from the Professional series by Ogami

Neither water nor bleaching chemicals are used to produce Repap stone paper. Therefore, its production requires less energy and releases less carbon dioxide. Notebooks made of Repap stone paper are also much more resistant. This kind of paper does not tear and does not wear out. It is also waterproof, which makes these notebooks very practical and usable in all kinds of weather. 100% recyclable, at the end of its life it can be used to produce other Repap paper, different types of plastic, building materials, metals, agricultural materials or even glass. Moreover, Repap stone paper is photodegradable within 14-18 months.

Ogami notebook from the Quotes collection

The stone paper notebook collection by Ogami

Ogami notebooks and diaries are available in different formats and styles to meet various needs. Professional is a collection of plain-colored notebooks, whose look is inspired by Made in Italy craft tradition. Quotes, on the other hand, is a collection characterized by vintage graphics, with quotes by the great creatives of the past. All notebooks and diaries can be personalized with your own graphics.

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Soft cover notebook from the Quotes collection by Ogami

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