Isola Design Festival from mid-April to September 10

Isola Design District presents Isola Design Festival, supporting designers

Over the last year, the design industry and related events have had to cope with the problems caused by the pandemic and quickly develop digital solutions to present new projects and interact with professionals and enthusiasts.

Isola Design District has conceived the Isola Design Festival, a hybrid festival to support design and designers, lasting from April 12 to September 10, 2021, which will be in-person from September 5 to 10, during the Salone del Mobile.Milano and Fuorisalone. The event will include many other initiatives: from exhibitions, at first virtual and then also physical, to live talks and interviews with international guests on Isola TV, up to project presentations by the designers themselves, either from a distance or from the Isola district in Milan.

But that’s not all. During these six months there will also be the Isola Design Awards, in May, and the Isola Design Classes, in summer. The Award will be assigned to 4 categories – Product & Furniture, New Materials, Innovation, Smart Living – with 3 prizes per category; the award ceremony is scheduled for June 30.

Isola Design Classes will include courses and workshops in both physical and virtual classrooms, dealing with topics such as Communication, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Photography, 3D Modeling, to give designers all the tools they need to emerge even in unforeseen and unpredictable situations such as the one we are living.

Isola Design Festival 2021: We are What We Design

The theme of the Festival will be We Are What We Design, which was chosen also for the Milan Design Week 2020, cancelled. Designers are asked to show a deep sense of responsibility for delicate issues, a greater involvement within a changed society and a reflection on everything that is happening.

The mode of participation has been simplified as much as possible, with three plans to choose from, depending on the type of event of interest. In September, the exhibitions will be organized in collectives divided into Collectible Design, Innovation and Bio Materials macro categories. As always, it will also be possible for companies to book a venue available in the district.

The Call for Entries is open and it is possible to register on

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