Salerno: a city with international architecture

“Salerno. Urban planning and architectural design for the contemporary city” is the title of the webinar scheduled for Thursday, April 29, 2021, 4:00-7:00 pm

The initiative is promoted by Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. di Roma e provincia (OAR – the association of Rome-based architects) and ALOA – Associazione Culturale Ordine Architetti Roma in collaboration with AR-Edizioni, OAR’s publishing house. This meeting, curated by architect Arianna Callocchia, has the patronage of the City of Salerno and the Campania Region. It is an opportunity to analyze Salerno, a city in constant transformation that puts the dialogue between urban planning, politics and architecture first.

Judicial Citadel, Salerno. Photo Paolo Cappelli and Maurizio Criscuolo

Thanks to the works of world-renowned architects, Salerno has become a city of international architecture. This demonstrates that the constant dialogue on the relationship between architectural design and urban procedures can lead to good results if politics seeks to pursue the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.

The webinar will illustrate some of the most significant projects carried out by Italian and international architects. These projects will make it possible to understand the overall city plan and the potential of architecture in the urban context. Moreover, there will be the presentation of the first volume dedicated to Salerno of the project URBANSCAPE- Collana editoriale di viaggio intorno all’architettura by Emilia Antonia De Vivo, Alessandro Zanoni and Walter Larteri, in collaboration with ALOA and OAR’s publishing house AR-Edizioni.

Former Post and Telegraph Building, Salerno. Photo Beppe Raso

Architecture and travel: Urbanscape and the narrative

Urbanscape is a series of travel books that describes places and cities by focusing on architecture. The first two volumes will be dedicated to Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, the first Italian destinations. This project is the result of decades of experience in the construction of travels dedicated to the major capitals of Europe, Asia and the United States, and is aimed at scholars and amateurs who want to deepen their knowledge of the territory through architecture and buildings.

The guests of the meeting are the designers of four important works recently built in Salerno: Paola Cattarin (Director Zaha Hadid Architects, London) for the Maritime Terminal, Ferruccio Izzo (David Chipperfield Architects Consortium, Naples) for the Judicial Citadel, Adolfo Suarez (Partner Lombardini22, Milan) for the Former Post and Telegraph Building, Mauro Smith (Smith Barracco Studio, Naples) for the Bellevue Residence.

Maritime Terminal, Salerno. Photo ©Hufton+Crow

Domenico De Maio, Deputy Mayor of Salerno, is one of the leading figures on the administrative scene in recent years. He will moderate the round table titled The urban transformations of Salerno from plan to architecture. In addition to the four architects invited as speakers at the round table, there will be Pasquale Caprio, President of Ordine Architetti Salerno, Vincenzo Boccia, President of Luiss Guido Carli and Emilia Antonia De Vivo, Architect. ATLAX srl, F.lli Ferrara srl, Sebino Chiusure srl, Arti Grafiche Boccia spa, RCM Costruzioni srl, Iesu srl have contributed to the organization of the meeting.


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