An armchair covered with 30,000 petals

Hortensia, the blooming armchair that tells a story

The Hortensia armchair has an interesting story. At first, it was a rendering on Instagram, which went viral in no time. People saw it and asked for it even though the armchair didn’t exist yet. So Andrés Reisinger, the designer, started to think of a way of making it and called Júlia Esqué, fabric designer. Together, the two designers made this project real, coming up with a comfortable and enveloping armchair, with a surprising visual effect, thanks to the embrace of 30,000 petals of soft silk.


At that point, it became necessary to search for a partner for industrial production: Moooi. Both for the Dutch tradition in the cultivation of flowers and for its expertise in industrial production, Moooi proved to be the right partner to produce the armchair, which was presented in April. The journey to the current product took about two years of work, perhaps also because of the forced break due to Covid.


Today, Hortensia by Moooi is an armchair covered with over 30,000 laser-cut petals available in two colors, Petal Pink and Petal Grey. In the designers’ intentions, the armchair is suitable for both domestic and contract spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. Currently, it is available in Petal fabric, designed by Júlia Esqué specifically for this armchair whose shape was designed by Andrés Reisinger.

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In the future, the Hortensia armchair will be available in all fabrics from the Moooi collection. Customers will be able to choose the fabric directly from the site, thanks to a configurator that will also include fabrics from the Extinct Animal Fabric series.

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