Filling the home with emotions… with Flou

Flou enriches its home collection with a textile collection recalling all the chromatic nuances and tactile memories of natural elements

The different shades of the Ametista collection. Icon modular sofa, design Carlo Colombo; Pierre Coffee table and small armchair, design Studio Contromano

Trees, earth, wind, ocean … We have never felt before such a strong desire to come into direct, almost osmotic, contact with nature bringing it into our homes. It can be caught with the eyes, but also suddenly felt with touch. These are the reasons why Flou chose to expand its textile range inspired by the lively and changing world, a sort of hymn to life and a celebration of its expressions.

Gaudí double-size bed, design Matteo Nunziati, with headboard and feet in solid black stained oak and removable cover, in the Oasi color

The results are new materials, new finishes and upholstery textiles focused on the study of color and the perfect mix of forms, details and nuances. Elements designed to reconnect with the world surrounding us, and to “dress” the domestic spaces with positive emotions.

Living of emotions with the new textile collection by FLOU

Six color palettes are offered to enhance the tactile features of the 2021 collection, namely: Oasi and its endless range of greens; Amethyst, which ranges from the softest lilacs to the brightest violets; Oceano, and its universe of blues, between the transparencies of the sky and the depths of the sea; Magma which welcomes the whole palette of reds; Quarzo, for the neutral and understated earth colors, from ecru to pinkish beige to browns and, finally, Artico, for ‘non-colors’ such as white, black and grays (which are often the favorite for their endless possibilities).

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Pierre armchair in the Magma color variant

Colors are always chosen to enhance tactile fabrics, like Vermont, whose jacquard recalls the rings expressing the age and past of the trees, or Zelda, which immediately resembles the bark. Or textured and uneven fabrics such as Marvin, whose look is enriched by chenille and bouclé that recall the games of clouds or the velvety effect of mosses. Or, also, Eva and Clark, which with their porosity or showy chenille tapes express the reliefs and roughness of the stones.

In the colors of the Artico palette, the Duetto transformable bed, design by Centro Ricerche Flou, with first bed, second bed and roll cushions with removable fabric covers. Servomuto chairs/coat stands, design Luigi Lanzi; Pierre pouf, design Studio Contromano, Iko table, design Rodolfo Dordoni, and CCLight bookcases for Natevo (a Flou brand) designed by Carlo Colombo

Great attention, as usual, was paid to natural yarns and their origin, preferring fibers such as linen and cotton coming from controlled production, in line with the central theme of the collection and with the idea that beauty and quality should go hand in hand with sustainability.

The new Pierre armchair by Carlo Colombo

Together with this great work on fabrics, among the news that Flou proposes for 2021, the Pierre armchair stands out, with a soft and irregular shape, conceived as an extension of the homonymous family of poufs and coffee tables. Inspired by the softly uneven shapes of river pebbles and conceived as a nomadic object to be placed freely in the space, it comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and provides the possibility to freely combine the cover of seat and backrest and the metal finish (matt burnished, oxide, black, greige, white and in the new Magma and Oceano finishes).

A1 composition of the MyPlace sofa, designed by Emanuela Garbin, in the Oceano shades, with removable cover, decorative cushions and pentagonal table between the seats. Small tables and poufs in fabric from the Pierre series, and CCLight bookcase.
Available both with full backrest (‘shell’ version) or in tubular (only in the medium and large sizes) completed by support cushions, uniform to the whole or in contrast, with the appropriate upholstery it can also be used outdoors. [Txt Francesca De Ponti]
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