Total well-being even when traveling, with Geberit AquaClean

Geberit AquaClean is the ideal shower toilet range for luxury hotels

Just as showering has become a daily habit, Geberit is promoting a new habit in personal hygiene with AquaClean shower toilets: you only need to push a button to feel fresh after using it, just as if you were stepping out of the shower. The well-being generated by a flow of fresh water is unique and inimitable. Thorough hygiene and well-being allow you to feel at ease in any situation, also improving your mood and relationships with other people.


The AquaClean shower toilet range includes various models with different functions. All models, however, share some features that favor the feeling of well-being and make it easier to include them in an interior design project: a jet of water adjustable in intensity and temperature, a particularly quiet flush, a particularly discreet and essential form.

The AquaClean shower toilet is perfect for the most exclusive hotels

Thanks to technological innovation, today the design of AquaClean fits perfectly into environments with a contemporary, rigorous and minimalist style. This characteristic makes it a perfect element for luxury hotels, which can thus offer an even more exclusive experience to their guests. The freshness and well-being given by an AquaClean shower toilet become a must-have, even when travelling.

Discover AquaClean Sela shower toilet


AquaClean shower toilets are suitable for both new constructions and renovations, thanks to the elements that can be added to the already installed ceramics. Moreover, they save space in the bathroom, making it possible to install other features.

Discover AquaClean Tuma shower toilet


More and more hotels in Europe are now offering their guests the comfort of the absolute freshness of Geberit AquaCean shower toilets. Currently, the hotels featuring bathrooms equipped with AquaClean shower toilets are located in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

On Geberit’s website you can find the complete list of hotels offering this experience.

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