Terme di Saturnia

Le Terme di Saturnia: a world apart

Le Terme di Saturnia are the result of an impeccable and complete concept

Terme di Saturnia

Renovated by London-based THDP studio, founded by Nicholas Nickson and Manuela Mannino, Le Terme di Saturnia takes its essence from earth, water and air that very patiently shape, erode and transform. Inspired by this, interior furnishings take on evocative forms, starting from the spheres produced by L Gomiero, which, rippling, reflect the delicate movement of water on the walls.

Terme di Saturnia
The lobby, Le Terme di Saturnia

Four colors make up the palette – the ethereal tones of the Mulino waterfalls, olive green, turquoise and blue – to differentiate the spaces. From the entrance to the reception area, from the ‘pop-up’ bar to the restaurant, from the White Room to the central patio, the care and study of details are clearly visible, doubtlessly aimed at maintaining a traditional style, but with a keen eye on modernity and the close link with the surrounding territory.

Superior room at Le Terme di Saturnia

The interlocking outdoor and indoor spaces make the resort flexible and enjoyable for its guests. The 132 rooms feature UV-oiled walnut oak parquet; the bathrooms are furnished with the classic Zucchetti|Kos collections; the surfaces, revisited with great craftsmanship, are in travertine from local quarries for an unparalleled effect. The interiors evoke the Tuscan landscape with extreme elegance and sobriety.

Photo: Giorgio Baroni

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