Superdesign Show 2021 September Special Edition

Superstudio Più and Superstudio Maxi are getting ready for September 2021 special editions

After the long forced stop due to the pandemic, Milan is warming up and getting ready for the Milan Design Week, in the unusual date of September 2021. Superstudio will be back in 2021 as well, with two special events. R/EVOLUTION, at Superstudio Più, is a new format including several curatorial exhibitions and two interactive pavilions; DESIGN BEYOND DESIGN is the great opening event of Superstudio Maxi, the new adventure of Superstudio Group on via Moncucco, Famagosta, Barona district.

Discover the new Superstudio Maxi


Superdesign Show 2021 September Special Edition

The special edition of Superdesign Show 2021 proposes a R/EVOLUTION of the usual format, and is more like an art exhibition than a fair. Different thematic areas, with collective and solo exhibitions, will show the best of Italian and international design production, today’s trends of living at home and outdoors, with a focus on women’s creativity, young people and the icons of the beginning of the third millennium. Each exhibition will have an independent curator, with important brands, famous architects, successful creatives and young talents.

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Sculpture by Flavio Lucchini at the entrance of Superstudio Maxi

Design beyond Design, a multimedia and multicultural event showing the different faces of design (art, video, photography, performance, architecture, publishing, workshops…), will be the occasion to discover the brand-new location, Superstudio Maxi. This large, technological and sustainable exhibition space is located in an area undergoing major renovation, the Barona district, where great urban regeneration projects are being carried out.

Discover the new Superstudio Maxi

The entrance to Superstudio Maxi, via Moncucco, Barona district

Among the various projects of Superdesign Show 2021 September Special Edition:

CULT&MUST 2000/2020 – the icons of the new millennium, curated by Giulio Cappellini

DONNE & DESIGN – women’s creativity, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico

OUTDOOR GENERATION – furniture with a double life, curated by Donatella Bollani

SUPERCAMPUS – study and working freely, curated by Giulio Cappellini

DISCOVERING – curated by Fulvia Ramogida

MATERIALS – increasingly performing and sustainable, materials curated by Materially, coordinated by Chiara Rodriquez and Federica Pastonesi

1000 VASES – the thousand faces of the same idea, curated by Francesco Pirrello, art direction by Pierpaolo Pitacco

ITALIANS – Furniture, objects, complements, designer crafts, limited editions, beautiful and intelligent things representative of the Italian style. Individual presentations or collective exhibitions.

SMART HOME – two pavilions with interactive installations to discover home automation with three leading international brands: Haier, Hoover and Candy

DREAM CARS – an event to present a novelty in the automotive sector, with an installation by the architects who designed the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai

Other important events linked to the world of art, and a collaboration with IULM, promoting the school’s emerging talents, will offer other interesting experiences.

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