LG ThinQ and New Year’s resolutions for 2022

New Year’s resolutions for 2022: LG ThinQ gives us some tips for a more sustainable lifestyle

Typically, we start the new year with many resolutions, but it is often difficult to keep them. Although you can’t keep all your New Year’s resolutions, even just a few good habits can help create a better environment around us. Here are some tips from LG on using our appliances better, for a healthier lifestyle.


Energy saving appliances

Reducing your home energy use is the easiest and most effective way to save money while reducing your environmental impact. LG ThinQ can help you optimize the energy efficiency of your home. The app activates the energy saving mode for all household appliances, allowing you to reduce energy waste due to improper operation.


Cooking for fun and for healthier food

Even if you have never done it, you can consider starting to cook. It is a creative activity that is also good for your health. Avoid fancy recipes at first; develop your cooking skills by learning to prepare the simplest dishes. LG InstaView ovens offer aspiring chefs all the joys of cooking: all you need is to scan the Scan-to-Cook meal barcode with the LG ThinQ app, which sends the settings to the connected oven; the app alerts you when cooking is complete and the dish is ready to be brought to the table.

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LG ThinQ

Learn how to prepare your own food

Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life, and the best way to make sure your meals are healthy and balanced is to prepare them yourself. So, it is also helpful to always have the necessary ingredients at home, both fresh foods and those with a longer shelf life. Compatible LG ThinQ refrigerators send notifications about expiring foods directly to your smartphone once you set the date.

LG ThinQ compatible appliances are thus valuable allies for a healthier lifestyle that also helps us respect the environment.

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