Spazio Lenovo in Milan: color and nature

Alessandro Luciani has designed Spazio Lenovo in Milan, awarded by the Retail Design Institute

Inaugurated in September 2020, Spazio Lenovo in Milan has won the international award assigned by the Retail Design Institute ‘Best of the Best’ Class 2020. This international award, now in its 50th edition, goes to stores and showrooms around the world that stand out for their consumer experience, and is an important reward for the work of architect and designer Alessandro Luciani, author of the project.


The Lenovo store is on corso Matteotti, Milan, and has two levels: street level and first floor. The ground floor is an institutional space designed to host presentations of both products and novelties, in collaboration with sponsors and partner companies. The first floor, divided into different areas, houses the commercial and business spaces. There is also the Legion area, dedicated to gaming, the area dedicated to virtual reality and education, the Motorola corner (a Lenovo brand), as well as a B2B area, an auditorium area and a Bistrot.

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Color for people’s wellbeing

Color is the dominant element linking the whole project. Alessandro Luciani thinks that color has the capacity to generate and influence our emotions and, as such, plays a decisive role in design choices. At Spazio Lenovo, colors are bright and vibrant: turquoise, fuchsia, orange, lilac, blue and flag bud green are carriers of positive energy and recall the brand’s graphic patterns.


Moreover, the use of dichroic glass allows for a play of reflections of different colors that change throughout the day. In this way, the space shows a constant interplay between inside and outside, between natural and artificial light.


The lighting design project relies on a rhythmic play of LEDs placed where needed, avoiding static lighting schemes and favoring ‘natural’ effects with warm LEDs. The presence of a LED wall along the entire height of the store makes it possible to generate a direct, continuous flow of communication.

Nature and color at Spazio Lenovo in Milan

To make the space even more comfortable, the designer has devised a ‘nature’ effect. The project includes 13 columns covered with stabilized vertical greenery and porcelain stoneware floors with a terrazzo effect recalling the path of a garden. Alessandro Luciani has also designed custom furnishings taking the graphic signs of the brand. In particular, the large floor tables with solid surface top are supported by an original element that immediately recalls the stem of a flower, inspired by the ‘L’ of Lenovo.

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