tessuto per esterno Dickson

SWK15, the innovative outdoor fabric by Dickson

Dickson presents a new micro-perforated outdoor fabric that shields from the sun and offers maximum thermal and visual comfort

tessuto per esterno Dickson

Dickson presents SWK15, a new outdoor fabric that shields from the sun while allowing for visual contact with the surrounding environment. The micro-perforations of SWK15 ensure excellent natural ventilation as well as balanced brightness of the sheltered outdoor area. This fabric is ideal for use as a vertical blind, shade sail, retractable pergola or awning for verandas.

The new SWK15 outdoor fabric by Dickson

SWK15 features a Rachel Trameur weave made with a coating process that deeply impregnates yarn, making the material resistant to tear and weather, therefore more durable. Thanks to the 15% opening rate between one filament and the other, SWK15 allows for a homogeneous brightness, guaranteeing excellent visibility to the outside; furthermore, the fabric is able to block 73%-85% of the sun’s rays. SWK15 also blocks up to 83% of heat, making outdoor spaces pleasant and comfortable, even in the hottest hours. The micro-perforation of the fabric, in fact, guarantees the passage of air for better ventilation and ensures greater protection from the sun and UV rays preventing overheating.

tessuto per esterno Dickson

A versatile and eco-friendly fabric

SKW15 fabric is available in 9 colors and is perfect to decorate any type of outdoor space, both public and private. Moreover, it is easy and quick to clean – just soap and water. Lastly, SWK15 is Greenguard Gold certified, which means that it helps creating healthier and less polluting outdoor spaces.

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