Wine tasting meets environmental well-being

RBM More: environmental well-being meets wine tasting

Brescia-based company RBM More proposes an integrated system for climate management and control; the systems can be applied in domestic and working environments as well as in collective spaces such as hotels, hospitals, residences for the elderly. Climate management and control make it possible to design eco-friendlier architectural spaces, thanks to energy efficiency; moreover, an efficient management of climatic conditions guarantees maximum comfort to the people who live or work in these environments.

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In order to explain in a different and complete way what environmental well-being is, RBM More hosts the project “il Wellbeing incontra il vino” at the via Solferino 15 showroom, in Milan. RBM More integrated systems make it possible to manage, control and optimize the three variables that regulate well-being in environments: temperature, humidity and air quality. In order to demonstrate the features of its systems, RBM More applies them to a niche environment creating a special environment that guarantees the optimal wine tasting. Moreover, RBM More systems adapt to people’s habits, needs and requirements, improving their quality of life. All systems are connected, controllable and integrated; in this way, the time needed to adapt environmental conditions to changes is reduced.

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wellbeing ambientale

A tasting room with perfect environmental conditions

Architect Alessia Garibaldi and Master Taster Augusto Enrico Semprini asked RBM More to apply their systems to a controlled environment in which to recreate the ideal conditions to better appreciate the qualities of wines. The possibility to manage temperature, humidity and air quality in dedicated rooms makes it possible to combine the technical part of wine tasting with the emotional side.

wellbeing ambientale

In the wine tasting room, the different RBM More systems communicate with each other to create the ideal climate. In order to maximize the climatic well-being in an architectural space, RBM More systems rely on innovative radiant elements that can be used for different applications, to heat or to cool the environment. Exploiting the natural convective motions, they avoid the forced circulation of air when it is not functional to a rapid restoration of well-being conditions.

Well-being and health depend on the quality of the air we breathe. For this reason, RBM More offers particularly efficient air filtration and renewal systems, which help to significantly reduce the dust and pollutants circulating in living and working spaces. In short, RBM More designs the invisible air space. Temperature, humidity and air quality are its constituent factors, capable of transforming a tasting experience into an emotional experience where all senses are amplified. Now that we no longer drink to satisfy our caloric need, but for culture and pleasure, it is time to taste in an environment optimized by new technologies, which allow us to taste wine in the best conditions.

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