Ghisa: the evolution of the radiator

Antrax adds Ghisa to its family of radiators: a decorative radiator designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and inspired by traditional radiators


To design Ghisa, the new radiator from Antrax, Rodolfo Dordoni drew inspiration from the traditional cast iron radiator. Like a cast iron radiator, the new Antrax radiator has slender elements with a polygonal section, tapered at both ends, which recall the shape of the Milanese skyscraper par excellence, the Pirelli skyscraper. These elements are enclosed within a perimeter that draws a rectangle.

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This radiator is available in different versions, vertical and horizontal, and in different configurations and sizes, with four or more heating bars. Ghisa is made of aluminum, a 100% recyclable material, has a very low water content and high thermal performance, with hydraulic only operation.


The Ghisa radiator by Antrax is available in six colors, with either smooth or embossed finish, perfectly harmonizing with different interior design styles. A series of hooks for hanging bathrobes or towels complete this radiator; the hooks can be positioned freely, thanks to an invisible profile.

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