Natuzzi to double the events at Milan Design Week 2022

A new concept for the showroom on Via Durini and an art installation for Natuzzi, at Milan Design Week 2022

At Milan Design Week 2022, Natuzzi Italia presents the showroom on via Durini, totally renovated by Fabio Novembre’s studio and, also in via Durini, at Palazzo Durini Caproni in Taliedo, the installation Germogli, by artist-designer Marcantonio.

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi and Fabio Novembre

The new Milan flagship store concept

Fabio Novembre was inspired by Puglia, their home region, to design the new retail concept for the Natuzzi stores. In fact, Fabio Novembre is also of Apulian origins, like the Natuzzi family, and his culture is apparent in the architectural design. Therefore, he envisioned a space that would interpret the values of hospitality, warmth, and Mediterranean beauty, typical of Puglia.

The heart of the project is the central area, an ideal square surrounded by lights reminiscent of the luminarias typical of Apulian culture; the court is defined by a series of arches, recalling the region’s traditional architecture. Space like a multifunctional lounge, for customer meetings and a 3D virtual experience, is also provided. Surrounding the “plaza,” different rooms spread out, not separated but fluidly connected. The sets – four dedicated to the living area and three to the total living proposals – evoke the typical elements of Apulian landscapes, the masserie, the olive trees, and the warm light on the sea. The materials and color choices complete the architecture that, in all its details, recalls the enveloping and relaxed atmospheres of the Mediterranean.

Higlights at Milan Design Week 2022


The Sprouts installation at Natuzzi showroom, Milan Design Week 2022

To celebrate the Second Life concept, Natuzzi Italia entrusted artist and designer Marcantonio with an evocative installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo, the building which houses the showroom on Via Durini. With Marcantonio’s exhibition, the yard is transformed into a fairy-tale world in which giant olive shoots sprout from the floor, or rather, from the ground. Featuring a golden mirrored surface, the huge shoots, about 4 meters high, reflect sunlight. Thus, on the one hand, they mimic nature, and on the other, classical and Renaissance decorations, in which plant elements evoke life and rebirth. Sprouts shine a spotlight on the problem of xylella, the bacterium that threatens the lives of olive trees.


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